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— Grateful for community support

To the Editor:

The members of the Naming/Renaming Committee would like to thank the members of the School Board for their cooperation in allowing there to be a Naming/Renaming Committee. This was a new avenue of exploration for combining past school history with our current history.

There were a total of 16 suggestion forms turned in to us. We thank everyone who submitted a name choice as well as those who expressed their opinions to various members of the committee.

With the input from the citizens and our unanimous vote, we will give our suggestion to the School Board at their regular meeting on Monday, Sept. 14.

A personal thank you to everyone from the committee: Margaret Cheek, Marcia Cothran, Jerry Nichols, Mayor Jackie Crabtree and Linda Whitaker.

Granny's Quilts of Love

To the Editor:

Granny's Quilts of Love extends its sincere apprecia tion to the community for the tremendous support we received again this year at our annual dinner and auction. Your participation allows us to continue to do the work we do for the seriously ill children at Arkansas Children's Hospital.

Special thanks to Pea Ridge schools for allowing us to use the high school cafeteria. Thanks to Jerry Fitzner for being our auctioneer and to Trish Fitzner and Judy Frost for storing produce, making baskets and in general allowing us to upset their lives for three months.

Special recognition goes to a group of exceptional young people from Freewill Baptist Church for once again assisting in clearing tables, carrying trays and saving the "Granny's" many, many steps. They are Sarah Doyle, Spencer Doyle, Michael Ennis, Nathan Ennis, Jacob Venemb, Caleb Venemb, Cheyenne Hostler, Laura Hostler, Bobby Mahurin, Elizabeth Mahurin, Justin Webb, Kaley Deckardand Cole Deckard.

And, as always, thank you, thank you, thank you to all the vendors and businesses that make this possible each year.


Opposed to tax increase

To the Editor:

One of the first things I did (Wednesday) morning was to turn on my computer so that I could see if the Fayetteville school tax increase was approved or rejected. To learn that the majority of the voters were smart enough to vote against the measure is fantastic. I am ecstatic.

I live in Pea Ridge so you might wonder why I would even care. The school will be receiving state and federal money in addition to the city money to build this elaborate school so I will have to pay also. For those of you that may or may not understand, the architects get paid approximately 6 percent of what the entire cost of the complex would end up being.

That is why they try to add all of the amenity that they can add. According to the article, superintendent Vicki Thomas said that there was not a plan B.

I do not know for sure, but I would almost bet that there are not anyone on the school board who voted for these plans who makes under $50,000 a year. If you had more people who were from the lower middle class who made these decisions then you probably would not have even asked the people to vote on this outrageously high priced waste of taxpayer money.

Do not get me wrong, everyone wants quality, beauty and efficiency. However, anyone with any kind of construction background and common sense could point out how to save money and build this thing less expensively.

This is what they do though, they shoot for the moon and if the voters approve their plan that is great.

If not, they act as though they did their best and then they say, well, we will have to go with plan B. Because of this type of thinking the school that they want and need isdelayed for at least another year or more.

Do not be surprised if they do not try to do this to you again next year and the next year and so on until they get their new school.

BOYD. B. MCNIEL Pea Ridge, Ark.

Donations appreciated

Dear Editor,

The Pea Ridge Church of the Nazarene thanks several area businesses for their donations to our Compassionate Ministries. Their donations of items helped complete several crisis care kits. These kits will join many others from Nazarene churches around the state.

The kits will be stored until a crisis occurs anywhere in the world, and then be shipped to that area where needed.

Each kit contains one beanie baby and items for daily hygiene. The kits were packed by the children of the church.

"Thank you," Dollar General stores of Pea Ridge, Rogers and Bentonville, and the House of Webster in Rogers.

JANET TROY Pea Ridge, Ark.

Opinion, Pages 4 on 09/23/2009

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