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— Those of us who grew up in the '50s and '60s thought we had a lock on the "I'm just trying to find myself" and "I'm just trying to find out who I am" scene and often experimented with things that ended up causing us (and those around us) a lot grief, if not being an outright disaster. Truth be told, every generation has been faced with the questions that bring us to doubt who we are and what our purpose is.

I've recently been thinking about some of these questions about life and how they seem to be common to everyone no matter who we are. It seems these apply no matter what station in life we occupy. It doesn't seem to matter how rich, poor, successful or not we are, these questions seem to be part of what everyone asks themselves in their quest for "finding self."

If something happens, how will I hang on? What if I fail? What am I doing here? What if I look stupid? What If I need help? What if I make the wrong decision? What if I disappoint those I care about the most? What if no one likes me? Does anyone care about me? Does God care what happens?

I think we will admit these are just a few of the many things we have all asked ourselves at some time or the other about life. Psychology (and some religious doctrines) sometimes try to tell us this questioning is based in low self-esteem and the way around the problem is to "realize who we really are" and they try to tell us we need to be and think more positive.

Is low self-esteem really the problem with society today? That's hard to believe of a society that is as self-centered as ours is. Or is it perhaps we just need to have a proper understanding of the way things are?

Here is how I deal with these questions. First of all, I recognize in myself I am a sinner. But, I also recognize that when Christ came into my life He gave me value in spite of my shortcomings. Why? Because He put His treasure in this earthen vessel, this jar of clay which is my life.

I can have confidence and boldness and know I have something to offer because Jesus has made me someone of value. A great artist can take a common piece of canvas and make a beautiful painting on it that becomes priceless. It's not the canvas that's valuable; it's what is put on the canvas. In the same way, what Jesus has put into each of our lives makes us valuable regardless of what anyone else thinks.

God wrote His name on you when you gave your life to Christ and in doing that He invested Himself in you. Because of this, you can make a difference for the simple reason God wants to use you, has a place for you, a part for you to play.

Don't worry about whether you fail, look stupid, make the wrong decisions, no one likes or cares about you. God cares about you.

Church, Pages 2 on 09/09/2009

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