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Sunday, Jan. 3

9:57 p.m. Medical, 11457 Quail Rd., NEBCO

Monday, Jan. 4

8:10 p.m. Structure fire, 18384 Beaver Hollow Rd., NEBCO

Tuesday, Jan. 5

5:44 a.m. Medical, 15829 N. Wimpy Jones Rd., NEBCO

4:28 p.m. Medical, 9864 S. View Dr., Avoca

5:25 p.m. Motor-vehicle collision, S. U.S. Hwy. 62/Lester Lane, Avoca

Wednesday, Jan. 6

7:14 a.m. Medical, 12845 Bryant Lane, Avoca

2:48 p.m. Medical, 14242 N. Old Wire Rd., Avoca

Thursday, Jan. 7

12:45 p.m. Structure fire, 1097 Greer St., Pea Ridge

Friday, Jan. 8

12:49 p.m. Motor-vehicle collision, U.S. Hwy. 62/North Wimpy Jones Road, NEBCO

9:31 p.m. Medical, 14639 S. Wimpy Jones Rd., NEBCO

10:09 p.m. Fire alarm, 492 Smith Ridge Rd., Avoca

Saturday, Jan. 9

11:35 a.m. Medical, 11622 Lindy Lane, Avoca

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