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50 Years Ago

Pea Ridge Graphic

Vol. 5 No. 42

Thursday, Oct. 15, 1970

Meeting in special session at 8:40 a.m. Thursday, the Pea Ridge City Council voted to purchase two downtown buildings as a city hall. the buildings formerly housed the Elkhorn Gun and Gift Shop and Walker's Radio and TV and were purchased from Nada Z. Taylor. Purchase price was $7,890.

For the first time in nearly half a century, there was music in Pea Ridge Monday night by the Pea Ridge School's own band. And a grateful audience of more than a hundred persons rose to its feet to give the band and its director its greatest compliment -- a standing ovation. Under the capable baton of director C.A. Harltey, the 11 members of the school band played three numbers as the featured program at the PTA meeting in the school cafetorium. The band members included Karen Horton, Jana Tripp and Edith McLaughlin at the clarinets; Donny Ward, Ken Laramore, Jordan Miser and Eddie McCrary, cornet; Jim Grotts, base drum; John Grotts, snare drum; and David Miser, base horn. Absent was Delwyn Cooley, baritone.

The third new business in Pea Ridge in three weeks is being announced this week and in keeping with a tradition, the Pea Ridge Chamber of Commerce welcomes all three new businesses with half page ads on pages two and three of this week's Graphic. The first was the Pea Ridge Car Wash, opened in late September by Lee Otis Hall and Byron Phillips. Last week, two more new businesses opened their doors to the public. The first was Pea Ridge Paint Store owned and operated by Don Henson. The Quicke Shoppe was opened by Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Towle and son, Timothy.

40 Years Ago

Pea Ridge Graphic-Scene

Vol. 15 No. 42

Wednesday, Oct. 15, 1980

An appeal from a decision by the Pea Ridge Planning Commission denying rezoning was refused by lack of action by the Pea Ridge City Council Thursday night. Ia approved the second reading of a franchise ordinance for gas service, heard requests for revenue sharing funds and handled other routine matters.

The Pea Ridge City Planning Commission/Board of Adjustment rescinded its Aug. 18 grant of temporary zoning variances to Clarence Ross when it met Oct. 8. Board members said the variance had been granted largely on the basis of Ross's plea of undue hardship in that his Pea Ridge phone number had already been printed in an ad in the new Rogers phone directory and that he had already placed a second trailer home for his stepson on the property on assurance by the developer Jewel Medline that it was permissible.

30 Years Ago

Pea Ridge Country Times

Vol. 25 No. 42

Thursday, Oct. 18, 1990

Pea Ridge Mayor Mary Rogers said this week that no additional taxes will be required to serve residents who would be annexed into the city with a favorable vote on Nov. 6. She said homeowners' insurance premiums would decrease for residents in the area proposed for annexation because they would earn a Classification 8, enjoyed by existing residents of Pea Ridge.

The Pea Ridge School Board opted for a "report card from the community" on the school's grading scale Monday by agreeing to consider lowering the grading scale to match those of surrounding school districts.

Pea Ridge Lions Club officials called the second annual Pea Ridge Mule Jump a resounding success and predicted the crowd will double for next year's event. Lions president Dale Wagner estimated Saturday's crowd at 4,000 to 4,500. Jerry Villines of Coffeyville, Kan., owned the mules that took first place in four events including the main event, the jump for mules 51 inches and taller. His mare Chiquita won with a jump of 65.5 inches.

20 Years Ago

The TIMES of Northeast Benton County

Vol. 35 No. 42

Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2000

Billy Clark edged out Terry Anderson with a narrow 11-vote margin to take Position 5 on the Pea Ridge School Board. On Sept. 19, Clark received 110 votes to Anderson's 83. A third candidate, Lonnie Barnett received 60. Lacking 51%, Clark was forced into a runoff. In the runoff, an even smaller voter turnout than in September brought only 197 voters in a district with more than 2,000 registered. The runoff vote was Clark, 104, to Anderson, 93.

Two outstanding mules tied fr overall points at Saturday's 12th annual Pea Ridge Mule Jump. The Negel Hall Memorial Trophy, was earned by both Red, owned by Boop Williams of Skiatook, Okla., and Missy, owned by Harold Shockley of Powell, Mo.

After an energetic day of competitive games pitting the classes against one another in a series of games like hula-hoop pass, orange pass, balloon bursting, wheelbarrow races, slalom races, bat spinning and others, the student body was served a tailgate cookout meal of hot dogs and burgers cooked by the faculty. Then, an assembly introduced the Homecoming court.

At its meeting Oct. 9, the Seligman City Council voted to sell bulk water for $2 per gallon. Individuals may bring tanks to fill with water. Bill Pippin of Pea Ridge was hired as Seligman's new police officer.

10 Years Ago

The TIMES of Northeast Benton County

Vol. 45 No. 42

Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2010

Four men seeking the seat of mayor sat before a packed audience Tuesday, Oct.12, at a mayor forum to present their platforms and answer questions. Incumbent Mayor Jackie Crabtree, Col. Francis Joe Hart, Boyd McNiel and Rick Webb drew for positions and took turns answering questions asked by moderator Kent Marts, publisher of the weekly newspapers of Northwest Arkansas Newspapers LLC. More than 80 people attended.

Benton County Sheriff's deputies and investigators mapped a one-mile perimeter around the property on Shrader Road from which a child disappeared from a tire swing. About an hour after she was discovered missing, 4-year-old Katherine Elizabeth Reeves, was found safe.

Decreasing the salary for an inexperienced city official is not unique to Pea Ridge. Current Bethel Heights Mayor Fred Jack did just that this year and former Rogers Mayor John Sampier set a pay scale enumerating beginning salaries for all city officials, including elected officials. How cities pay elected officials varies, but is governed by state statute.

People campaigning during the Mule Jump to elect Rick Webb as mayor of Pea Ridge utilized property owned by the Pea Ridge School District. At the Mule Jump on Saturday, Oct. 9, campaigners -- stationed at a booth at the annual event -- used a handwritten sign on what appeared to be foam board. On the back of the foam board was the architect's drawing of the Pea Ridge Primary School. The board was sitting on an easel owned by the school district.

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