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September 2020

Contractor^Address^Fee Total^Const. Value

Twelve Stone Construction^924 Tracey Lane^$798.00^$209,018

Donna Dixon^2735 Peck Road^$1,105.50^$352,349

Clements Homes^1600 Tull Drive^$853.00^$231,719

Schuber Mitchell Homes^895 Fox Spur^$723.00^$199,117

Schuber Mitchell Homes^871 Fox Spur^$720.50^$198,634

Schuber Mitchell Homes^847 Fox Spur^$720.50^$198,634

Schuber Mitchell Homes^823 Fox Spur^$755.50^$212,882

Schuber Mitchell Homes^801 Fox Spur^$1,010.50^$314,312

Schuber Mitchell Homes^795 Fox Spur^$723.00^$199,238

Schuber Mitchell Homes^771 Fox Spur^$833.00^$243,070

Schuber Mitchell Homes^723 Fox Spur^$720.50^$198,634

Schuber Mitchell Homes^695 Fox Spur^$785.50^$224,595

Clement Homes^1706 Tull Drive^$713.00^$195,132

Signature Builders LLC^1025 Kelly Lane^$773.00^$219,524

Signature Builders LLC^1037 Kelly Lane^$780.50^$222,905

Signature Builders LLC^2037 Seay Circle^$780.50^$222,905

Signature Builders LLC^2049 Seay Circle^$773.00^$219,524

Schuber Mitchell Homes^747 Fox Spur^$833.00^$243,070

Schuber Mitchell Homes^701 Fox Spur^$755.50^$212,882

Schuber Mitchell Homes^661 Fox Spur^$935.50^$284,729

Northrock Builders LLC^1921 Woodhouse Circle^$855.50^$252,005

Northrock Builders LLC^1913 Woodhouse Circle^$798.00^$229,425

^Total Permits for Type:^22

^Total Fees for Type:^$17,746.00

^Total Const. Value for Type:^$5,084,303

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