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50 Years Ago

Pea Ridge Graphic

Vol. 5 No. 13

Thursday, March 12, 1970

For someone who says "We started out with one old milk cow," Grady Hughes has built one of the nicest dairy farms around Garfield. His farm is on the Lost Bridge Road. The couple moved to the 108-acre farm with a farm house was nearly destroyed by the 1947 tornado in 1958 and rebuilt the tornado damaged house.

Mrs. Mabel Hardy, an elementary teacher, has been elected the 1970-1971 president of the Pea Ridge PTA. Other officers are Mrs. Larry Hanner, vice president; Mrs. John Escue, secretary, and Mrs. Delbert Horton, treasurer.

Barbecued chicken will be sold Saturday, March 28, by Beta Alpha Chapter of E.S.A. sorority. The chicken, to be barbecued over an open pit with Fred McKinney in charge,will be sold in bags at the Log Cabin beginning late Saturday morning. The cost was 75 cents for a half of a chicken and $1.50 for a whole chicken.

Meeting in regular monthly session Monday night, the Pea Ridge School Board elected officers for the board, approved the hiring of faculty members fr the 1970-71 term and named the school bus drivers, custodians and school secretary for the next term of school. Richard Beaver, a local dairy farmer, was re-elected president of the board. Officers were Jack Lasster, vice president; Jewel Pendergraft, secretary.

40 Years Ago

Pea Ridge Graphic-Scene

Vol. 15 No. 13

Wednesday, March 26, 1980

A newly elected member, Kenneth Patterson, was welcomed to the board of education of Pea Ridge District 109 Monday night and the president of the board Keith Escue, submitted his resignation, effective at the end of the meeting.

Some boys from Bentonville were camping at Ventris. One was injured and taken to the Rogers hospital. Report from Benton County Sheriff's Office was that the boys heard a noise that sounded like a gunshot. As a result of the investigation, it was determined it was a knife wound and that a keg of beer and marijuana were involved.

In July 1979, the City of Little Flock City Council voted to annex 40 acres to the city. The land lies south of Stratton Road along the east side of 13th Street. Approval of the annexation has been completed, Mayor J.C. McLeod reported.

Haryle Greene was reelected chairman of the Pea Ridge Planning Commission. John Lasater was elected vice chairman. Don Haller was elected secretary and two members -- Laster and Penny Wimmer -- were sworn in. Mayor Lester Hall gave the oath of office to the two new members.

30 Years Ago

Pea Ridge Country Times

Vol. 25 No. 13

Thursday, March 29, 1990

The secretary of the New Pea Ridge United Fund said that the organization expects to be fully operating by fall. Secretary Freida Crabtree said: "We'll have funds coming in and be able to distribute those funds by the fall of this year. She said several local, nonn0rofit agencies have achieved or are in the process of achieving tax exempt status to qualify to receive United Fund Money.

Pea Ridge Chamber of Commerce president Joyce Hale said that she hopes all 240 tickets to next month's annual chamber dinner will be sold out early. The tickets for the April 7 dinner, at $7.50 apiece, can be bought from chamber members at the Bank of Pea Ridge, the Post Office and City Hall. Speaker for the dinner, which will be at the High School cafeteria, will be businessman and cattleman Jack Shewmaker.

A former Pea Ridge resident will soon begin to try to rebuild what has become the largest new and used tractor salvage parts company of it's kind in the world. He is 20-year-old Wayne Gastineau, who was born in Pea Ridge and attended school here until the fifth grade. He works with Bill Meuser, owner of Meuser Material and Equipment Co. of Springdale.

20 Years Ago

The TIMES of Northeast Benton County

Vol. 35 No. 13

Wednesday, March 29, 2000

Though the mayor and one aldermen were absent, the Pea Ridge City Council accomplished a great deal in a 50-minute regular monthly meeting Tuesday, March 21. It will cost Pea Ridge residents a few more dollars to license dogs after the council amended a long-standing ordinance. City Attorney Howard Slinkard read the new ordinance raising fees to $6 for unspayed females and $3 for males and spayed female dogs. The three aldermen in attendance -- John Easley, Rick Webb and Jim Dawson -- unanimously approved the ordinance. Fees were previously $3 for females and $2 for males since 1977. City recorder Sandy Easley acted as mayor and conducted the meeting in the absence of Mayor Jackie Crabtree.

GARFIELD -- An extensive search and rescue operation that involved law enforcement agencies from both Arkansas and Missouri resulted in the safe return of two young Benton County boys Saturday evening. The two boys, Daniel Torres, 5, and Roy Eastrellon, 4, apparently walked away from their home on Cotton Lane, about two miles north of Garfield. Police were notified about four and a half hours after the boys disappeared. The boys were located a short distance east of Garfield near the town's old water tower on Hill Road just after 7 p.m.

10 Years Ago

The TIMES of Northeast Benton County

Vol. 45 No. 13

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Invaded. Twice. "Don't you feel violated?" asked a neighbor. Dawnita Henson said she's too mad to feel violated after being called home from a camping trip to find her home invaded and many personal belongings stolen. Darin and Dawnita Henson were shocked to find a man in their camper Wednesday while preparing for a camping trip. They were even more shocked to have their camping trip cut short Saturday by a call from Dawnita's mother that their house had been burglarized by that same man.

GARFIELD -- Alan and Sandy Fletcher, daughter Brittany, 10, and the family dog left to enjoy a spring break vacation in Branson. They came home to devastation. The Fletchers live in the Posy Mountain area. their home was destroyed by fire Friday, March 19.

The Spring Business Expo is slated to provide an opportunity for owners of small businesses to showcase their company's products or services and meet potential customers. The Regional Chamber of Commerce is here to help promote small businesses that are members of the chamber, said John Lasater, acting chamber president.

Pea Ridge High School senior Tyler Ramsey signed with the Southern Baptist University Bearcats in Boliver,Mo., to play football beginning in the fall 2010. With Ramsey for the signing ceremony were his parents, Josh and Candee Ramsey, brother Trent Ramsey, and head football coach Tony Travis.

Editorial on 03/25/2020

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