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Boundless Grace


We will not have service Sunday. This was not a decision made out of fear, but one made after prayer and careful reflection on recommendations by our nation's leaders. We want to make sure we are doing our part to prevent the spread of this virus and to not put any of our church members at risk of catching the virus.

Since we will not be meeting, we as a staff have gathered to do a video Bible study on how we as believers should act and respond during this national and global crisis. The video will be posted at 10:30 a.m. on our Facebook page, as well as, on our church website. We hope you will tune in and watch as we study God's Word together.

We will continue giving updates weekly as to what our plans will be regarding our services. Your deacon should also be reaching out weekly to update you on decisions being made. If you do not have an assigned deacon or do not hear from one in the next few days, please let us know so we can assign you one and keep you in the loop.

We hope to see you all soon! Stay safe and God bless!

Brightwater Memorial &

Pea Ridge

United Methodist Church

All meetings, events and church services will be cancelled until April 1. Visit for more information.

Church of Christ

Pea Ridge

As of Wednesday, there were 32 cases of the virus in Arkansas. On March 20, there were around 100. We have all been asked by the CDC to not meet in groups larger than 10 for at least the next 15 days. As of now we are postponing our public worship services until further notice.

However, an abbreviated service will be held at the building for those who wish to attend Sunday at 11 a.m. We will continue to work on a way to stream the service if you have Facebook or internet as we are working on a streaming solution. Please pray for all those in our congregation and for all who are affected by this virus.

First Baptist Church


We will not gather at the church for the regular Sunday and Wednesday services. However, we are excited to announce that you can still worship with us at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday by watching our livestream on our Facebook page as the pastor preaches through Ephesians.

Looking for a way to keep the kids entertained? Go to to get RightNow Media for free! That's right, the church provides this streaming service so there's no cost to you. Just follow the links on our website to sign up for your account, then download the apps on your streaming devices, phones, etc. and start watching.

First Baptist Church

Pea Ridge

Beginning immediately, we are going online with all church gatherings.

• We will stream at 9:30 a.m. Sunday on Facebook and YouTube.

• Children's ministry will stream at 6 p.m. Wednesday on Facebook.

• Student ministry will stream at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday on Instagram.

• We are seeking to navigate these temporary changes with wisdom and faith.

• We believe God has given us Scripture, medical professionals and civic leaders, and we will seek to learn from and honor all of these as we navigate this season.

• We will continue to be the Church, worshiping, praying and serving. We will be a beacon of hope to a world that needs Jesus.

• Our food pantry will continue to operate, with minor changes to provide protection for staff and volunteers.

• If you're a regular part of FBC, I ask that you consider switching to online giving during this temporary change, to help provide us with the ability to continue in ministry and support staff. Click this link to set-up Online Giving

• If there are ways your staff or deacons can help you, please let us know.

• We are praying for you and for God to help all of us point people to Jesus!

Freewill Baptist Church

Pea Ridge

Services at Pea Ridge Free Will Baptist will be dismissed until further notice. Let us join together in prayer for our country. May the nation be moved to see the salvation of the Lord.

Messiah Lutheran Church

Pea Ridge

A message from the pastor:

We are in a most surreal time. I'm not sick, it is not snowing, and I'm not in church. This is contrary to everything I know and believe. But God also tells us to obey our government and leaders. Their wisdom has mandated that for the present time we not congregate. We must stay safe because we still have much witnessing to do. This is a most unusual time and it takes most unusual measures. For us this is unique, for some in the world this is routine because of Christian persecution. The Lord says: "Be still and know I am God." Stay safe. Blessings. See you soon.

Mt. Vernon Presbyterian

Church services, bible studies and committee meetings will all be cancelled until April 1st due to the concern of the well being of all our members and friends at MVPC. The session will re-evaluate the situation the first of April and send out further information at that time.

Please stay safe and be well!

New Life Fellowship

Pea Ridge

How to watch NLF Church Live Stream: Please set this up tonight so you will be ready to go tomorrow.

1. Click on the link below:

2. At the top of the page hit videos

3. The live stream will be located there.

4. If you want to make comments such as sending in prayer requests or just say something during the service you will have to sign into YouTube. Look in the top right hand corner of the page and hit the sign in button. If you already have a gmail account, you can use that to sign in. If not you will see a create an account at the bottom of the page. Of course you can watch the broadcast without signing in but you won't be able to subscribe to the channel or make comments.

5. The live stream will begin at 9:30am. We will try our best to be online at that time, but be patient, it's the church's first stream.

6. If your video is lagging or seems slow, on the bottom right hand side of the screen there is a wheel that looks like a gear. That is the settings button. Click the button and reduce the quality of your stream. The lower the number the lower the quality, but if you have slow internet, this will make viewing much better for you.

7. You can also download the you tube app on your mobile device and watch the live stream there also.

The Ridge Church

Pea Ridge

We are making your church experience even easier for you! Don't forget, our campus is closed, but you can join us live right here on Facebook or even on our YouTube channel! Get recharged!

We stream live at 11 a.m. Sunday.

Westside Baptist

Pea Ridge

Live church services have been canceled until April 12. Further changes will be announced.

The church is located at 1348 Weston St. Information: 479-222-1030.


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Religion on 03/25/2020

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