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50 Years Ago

Pea Ridge Graphic

Vol. 5 No. 26

Thursday, June 25, 1970

Featured in the monthly farm edition, published the fourth Thursday of the month: In the Turkey Pen Hollow area four miles northeasterly of Pea Ridge, Mitchell Webb has put his farming knowledge, ancestral land and his faith into the raising and milking of the Jersey cow. June, and the arrival of Dairy Month found the Webbs with a hundred head of purebred Jerseys in their dairy heard with 60 of them cows. The herd grazes the 140 acres the Webbs own and another 100 they rent from his parents, the Ernest Webbs on the adjoining farm. Adjoining the Ernest Webb farm beyond is the one owned by the son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Owen Wood, who also raise and milk Jerseys.

The listing of the names of families living on the farm-to-market roads in the Shady Grove community was a project of the Shady Grove E.H. Club during the recent E.H. week. A total of about 70 families are listed on the signs installed at Shady Grove, Blackjack Corner, Broadhurst Corner and other intersections off of Ark. Hwy. 94. Women of the club made and installed the signs with Mrs. Judy Hines and Mrs. Anna Fletcher doing the digging of the post holes for installation.

40 Years Ago

Pea Ridge Graphic-Scene

Vol. 15 No. 26

Wednesday, June 25, 1980

"The best we could hope for would be to have a contractor start digging about the middle of November," said Carl Yates of McGoodwin, Williams and Yates, Inc., engineers for the city on its sewer project.

The annual Pea Ridge Community Fair Parade will be at 2 p.m. Satuday, July 12.

The Orange Blossom, at the corner of Davis Street and Pickens Road, Pea Ridge, has been sold to Greg Gunn, Bentonville, by Dolly and Bill Wilson.

The Pea Ridge School Board interviewed four candidates for the high school principal's position being vacated by Jerry Marple. The interviews, along with another personnel matter, took place in a three-hour long executive session.

Seven young ladies from Pea Ridge country have entered the contest held annually at the Pea Ridge Community Fair for the title of Miss Pea Ridge. They are Donna Latty, Diana Mayfield, Sharon Snow, Mary Mariano, Kelly Meeker, Cheryl Clark and Bonnie Sutton.

30 Years Ago

Pea Ridge Country Times

Vol. 25 No. 26

Thursday, June 28, 1990

The Pea Ridge City Council approved an ordinance establishing an undercover operation fund for the Police Department. According to Police Chief Sam Holcomb, up to $1,000 confiscated from drug trafficking, theft schemes and other crimes will go into the fund. Any amount over the $1,000 ceiling will go into the city's general fund, he said.

Were you and all of the members of your household counted in the 1990 census?

Some hadn't seen each other for 60 years. Others, just yesterday. Some were as old as 84. Others just 30. It was a meeting of different generations, yet they all had one thing in common. Each individual at last weekend's reunion of the Garfield School had graduated from or attended the school.

There's a new veterinarian in Pea Ridge. She's Karen Sherman who earned her veterinary doctorate this spring from Louisiana State University and now an associate of Dr. Gary France at Pea Ridge Veterinary Clinic.

Members of the 1933 Garfield School second-place Benton County basketball team got out the trophy to reminisce about shooting the hoops. They included Cecil Phipps, Olen Williams, Ray Eubanks, Carl Poe and Russell Nichols.

20 Years Ago

The TIMES of Northeast Benton County

Vol. 35 No. 26

Wednesday, June 28, 2000

Eight junior Miss Pea Ridge contestants will vie for the crown on July 13. They are Kayla Brown, Ashley Glass, Lindsay Kelly, Jennifer Marlow, Mollie Ragland, Amanda Rininger, Amanda Smith and Amy Whitaker.

Jaclyn Baugh, who lives on Bancroft Court in the Givens subdivison, again presented her complaints about drainage to the City Council at its meeting June 20. The short meeting lacked a mayor and two council members. Making up the quorum were city recorder Sandy Easley, who can vote in the mayor's absence, and aldermen John Easley and Jim Dawson.

10 Years Ago

The TIMES of Northeast Benton County

Vol. 45 No. 26

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Officers of the United States Army hiked the battlefield at Pea Ridge National Military Park last week to learn from mistakes made 148 years ago, when two separate armies of a divided nation faced each other in the Battle of Pea Ridge. It's called a staff ride -- members of the U.S Army Sustainment Command (ASC), the 407th headquartered at Foot Hood, Texas ... came together to study Civil War battles.

Too young to join the military, but eager to leave home, Jackie Hillyear and a friend conspired to sign one anothers' papers to join the military. It was 1954 and the world was still reeling from World War II and Korea. the teen-aged soldier did not know which direction he would be sent, but he was eager to leave the small town of Plymouth, Ill. This week, more than half a century after he enlisted and a year after his death, Hillyer was honored as his family was given two medals he earned, but did not receive. Leslie Hillyer Young and Kim Musico, both of Pea Ridge, wanted a flag for their father's military service.

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