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50 Years Ago

Pea Ridge Graphic

Vol. 5 No. 30

Thursday, July 23, 1970

This week's Pea Ridge Graphic featured the monthly Farm edition and featured the Shiloh Bakery at Sulphur Springs.

The Putman family hosted a reunion and photographed five Putman brothers and their uncle. Featured in the photograph were W.T. Putman, and brothers Jerry, Billy V., Faye, C.R. and Rex Putman. For the first time in 17 years five of the six sons of the late Albert and Lela Putman, formerly of Pea Ridge, were united for a family reunion, closing with a dinner at Lake Atalanta Sunday, July 19.

The Pea Ridge Pentecostal Holiness Church will have a Teen Talent Caravan Wednesday. There will be 16 teenagers who have competed in singing and playing.

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Walker were honored at a surprise dinner last Monday, July 13, on the passing of their 25th wedding anniversary. The couple was married on July 9. Those present included Mr.and Mrs. Charles Hardy, Mr and Mrs. Max Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Webb, Mr. and Mrs. Fred McKinney, Mr. and Mrs. Rodger Hickman, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Buttry, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Negel Hall and Mr. and Mrs. Dow McDaniel.

40 Years Ago

Pea Ridge Graphic-Scene

Vol. 15 No. 30

Wednesday, July 23, 1980

Preliminary figures from the 1980 census reveal that Benton County's population has increased by 49.8% in the past 10 years and the population of the city of Pea Ridge has increased by 34.4% in the same period. Pea Ridge city's population in 1970 was 1,088. In 1980's preliminary count, it reached 1,462. Benton County's 1970 figure was 50,476. The 1980 figure was 75,624.

School starts Monday, Aug. 18, in Pea Ridge, said school superintendent Roy Roe. Classes will begin at 8:30 a.m. and end at 3:10 p.m. Roe said 700 students are expected.

Jaycettes president Penny Wimmer presented checks to librarian Pauline Boepple and Park Commission chairman Bob Harp. The funds were raised at the Jaycette's Fourth of July picnic. The park funds are earmarked for the construction of a park pavilion.

30 Years Ago

Pea Ridge Country Times

Vol. 25 No. 30

Thursday, July 26, 1990

Members of the Volunteer Ambulance Service in eastern Benton County kicked off a fundraiser the first of July to raise $12,000 needed to operate the ambulance service through the end of the year.

Pea Ridge's Water and Sewer Department superintendent Ronnie David said the city's sewage treatment facility has plenty of room for growth. He said that city enjoys a position unlike other cities in northwest Arkansas under fire in federal court because treated discharge from the Pea Ridge plant does not go into the Illinois River basin.

Pea Ridge's street resurfacing projects for the year should be completed by Monday at a cost of approximately $50,000, Ronnie David, Street Department superintendent, said. The projects include Davis Street and sections of Lee Town Road and Green Street.

Negel Hall of Pea Ridge took two of his mules to the Grove, Okla., Roundup Club's annual mule event and came back with two first places and one second place.

20 Years Ago

The TIMES of Northeast Benton County

Vol. 35 No. 30

Wednesday, July 26, 2000

The arraignment for a former Pea Ridge High School English teacher accused of having an improper relationship with a female student was postponed Monday in Benton County Circuit Court. Division 2 Circuit Judge David Clinger rescheduled the arraignment to Aug. 21 for Matthew Scantling.

There was some good news, some bad news and a new insurance policy for city owned vehicles approved at the regular meeting of the Pea Ridge City Council Tuesday, July 18. The good news was that the Weston Street construction project had nearly reached completion. Long-time Pea Ridge Fire Department Chief David Bass' forthcoming resignation was received soberly.

The TIMES of Northeast Benton County won two awards in the annual Arkansas Press Association Better Newspaper contest this year, said managing editor Beckie Tyson, who received a second place award for her feature story about Max Walker receiving a medal from France and a fourth place award for a photographer's portfolio.

The Arkansas Soil land Water Conservation Commission announced that the city of Garfield will receive a loan of $449,300 to extend water service to rural areas southeast and southwest of the city.

Much needed rain blew furiously into the Benton County area Thursday morning. While the thirsty earth soaked up the 1 to 1 1/2 inches of moisture and softened the dirt around tree roots, gusts of win blew over several trees in the area. Gateway and Garfield were on the leading edge of the storm. A power pole was down in one area while broken tree limbs weighted down lines and cut off power in other areas. Telephone lines were also down all morning.

10 Years Ago

The TIMES of Northeast Benton County

Vol. 45 No. 30

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Two candidates for the Pea Ridge School Board -- Ann Cato and Dorothy Faye Keller -- are running for the seat held by Clark Tyndale for the past five years.

John Cody has not attended City Council since February. Two council meetings were canceled for lack of a quorum. "Every time I go to Council, I get arrested," Cody said, "and I have the legal stuff going on." He said he has no definite plans to resign but will let the "proper channels" know if he moves out of the city or resigns. "I've been in touch with them at City Hall," Cody said. Mayor Jackie Crabtree said he had not heard from Cody since the April meeting.

Mayors from four towns in northeast Benton County each plan to seek re-election. They are Pea Ridge Mayor Jackie Crabtree, Gateway Mayor Lida Schnitzer, Garfield Mayor Laura Hamilton and Avoca Mayor Tommy O'Dell. There are also council posisionts open as well in each municipality.

Ministering to mothers and children and reaching out to the community, Bobbye Jo Dye has begun a Mothers' Day Out program at Pea Ridge First Baptist Church.

Stretching the available dollars, bus routes will be doubled -- using three buses to run six routes, according to Randy Easterling, transportation director for the Pea Ridge School District.

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