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Should Donald Trump be found guilty?

I voted for Donald Trump for president of the United States during the last presidential election. I truly believe that he has accomplished quite a lot of very good things for the nation.

At this time I currently plan to vote for him again this next coming election. Having declared this, I do not believe that he is a saint by any means.

First of all, I do not believe that he is a politician. He does not talk out of both sides of his mouth and try to please everyone. He is a businessman who knows what it takes to make good economic decisions that will benefit the majority of the American people.

The Democrats have been trying to get rid of him ever since he was elected. As everyone was able to see on the television, the senate vote to add additional witnesses was very close. It could have very well gone the other way.

The Republicans do not have any other candidate for president of the United States on the ballads in each state at this time.

I may be completely wrong but I personally believe that one of the main reasons that Nancy Pelosi waited to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate chambers for a vote is that she wanted to wait long enough so that the Republicans would not have enough time to get anyone else for president on the ballot of each state. This way there would not be a Republican to vote for if President Trump was actually impeached. The democrats would then automatically win by default.

The Democrats had witnesses that they called but they did not allow the Republicans to cross examine them. By any honest court in the land, a mistrial would have been called and the charges would have been dismissed. The Senate lawyers should have known that.

I do believe that President Trump probably did cross the line and he did do some things that were not necessarily above board. But, since the Republican managers did not follow proper legal procedures for impeaching a sitting President, President Trump must be found not guilty. As I understand it, new evidence is likely to come out in the near future which, if used, would be enough evidence to convict President Trump of the charges.

Joe Biden and his son both needed to be investigated. The fact that Joe Biden was President Trumps political opponent is not a reason that Joe Biden should get a free pass.

I would recommend that President Trump be found not guilty of the two articles of impeachment due to lack of evidence. On the other hand I do believe that the Senate should consider voting to censure the president.

Boyd B. McNiel

Pea Ridge, Ark.

Editorial on 02/05/2020

Print Headline: Letter to the editor

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