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I received a survey letter from the Republican National Committee today. I thought that it was a well-thought-out survey.

They wanted to know if I supported President Trump and his agenda. They wanted o know if I personally thought that the mainstream media had an agenda against the Trump administration.

The entire time that I was filling the thing out, I kept thinking that they probably really did not want to know what I actually think. I have a feeling they will file my survey in the trash bin when they see that I did not send them any money.

If they would have asked me my opinion, I would have told them what I personally considered to be some of the most important issues for the majority of the American citizens.

1. Completely outlaw robot calls.

2. Pass a law that caps credit card interest rates at 15%.

3. Create a National Plastic Recycling Program.

4. Raise the minimum wage so that a working person does not qualify for government aid.

5. Out law all self-checkout booths at stores. They put people out of work.

6. Create a button that will automatically mute the televisions during all pharmaceutical ads.

7. Install public restrooms in every city and town and every 20 miles on the highways.

8. Legally sterilize all rapist and child molesters.

9. Outlaw all speed traps and police hiding behind signs or trees. But then, who do we hire to police the police?

10. Require every person to be strip searched including all lawyers and judges and support staff just like all of the law-abiding citizens.

I could have come up with a longer list, but these are a small example of the things I believe would benefit the majority of the average American citizen.

Boyd McNiel

Pea Ridge

Editorial on 10/02/2019

Print Headline: Letter to the editor

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