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Everyone makes mistakes, both big and small. Did you do poorly on an exam because you didn't study enough? Did you hurt a friend's feelings by saying the wrong thing? Or maybe you left the shower on and flooded your bathroom. I bet you won't do that again. We all need to make these kinds of mistakes in order to learn from them.

Sometimes, however, the mistakes we make are more serious, and more complicated. It may also take us longer to learn from them and to change our ways. The most important thing in these instances is to learn how to accept what's happened and move forward, rather than dwell on the past.

When people make mistakes -- don't use it for personal gain or to spread ill will on others; rather, add forgiveness and subtract bitterness. Add grace and subtract evil speaking. Seek to be gracious, patient and understanding.

Have you ever made a mistake?

Were you ever wrong and incorrect?

What did you do? I'll tell you what Christ did. Christ loves you while you were doing wrong. His love for you now that you are doing right has not increased. He has always loved you with the same measure of love. Follow His example.

Make somebody's life beautiful by extending your hand of forgiveness, patience and graciousness even when things don't add up. You'll feel good on the inside.


Editor's note: The Rev. Dr. Scott Stewart is the pastor of Pea Ridge United Methodist Church and Brightwater Methodist Church. The opinions expressed are those of the writer. He can be contacted at [email protected] or 479-659-9519.

Religion on 11/06/2019

Print Headline: Making mistakes is common to all

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