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Students were picked by their teachers for showing good behavior and leadership skills for the past month and were invited to a breakfast with principal Mrs. Tracy Hager. Students had a special time of blowing bubbles to celebrate.

These students are:

Kindergarten Explorers

Brenlie Leach

Kylie Deady

Emma Graves

Brentley Schooley

Kindergarten Navigators

Anthony Wiley Jr.

Oakley Collins

Layton Lamer

Summer Crowly

Maycie Meeks


Tinzley Fryar

Ada Whitaker

Personalized Learning

Hadlee Keene

Macy Dyson

Kolby Wade

Transforming Trios

Bella McKelvey

Jasmine Henson

Darey Mondragon

Brilliant Blackhawks

Zoey Marlow

Cade Wright

Mason Clinton

Mason Jimenez

There were also "Leaders of the Month" honored at the monthly leadership celebration last week. They were picked by their teachers for showing the use of the habit "Seek First to Understand and then to be Understood."

Student leaders include:

Kindergarten Explorers

Dayton Russell

Bristen Snow

Olivia Forst

Anthoney Roman

McKinley Good

Allison Schwyhart

Archer Ash

Carter Wallace

Cheyenne Guyton

Kindergarten Navigators

Cami Taylor

Elder Muse

Elleanor Perrin

Caden McCool

Parker Plymate

Emma Bradley

Emme Hardin

Logan Stoney

Rheya Ketring

Malacki Boyer

Trexon Nida


Azalea Dixon

Skylar King

Claire Whitaker

Emma Vanaman

Iris Cline

Zoey Forst

Personalized Learning

Canaan Yager

Genevieve LaPlant

Xander Woods

Emily Baker

Alexis Dunn

Dylan Rose

Transforming Trios

Mason Lundy

Lylah Wallace

Blaine Pendergraft

Harmony McCaslin

Brylie Rogers

Briza Rodriguez

Piper Billings

Brilliant Blackhawks

Scarlette Keene

Zoey Marlow

Austin Meeker

Kodie Colton

Elijah Cowart

Allison Grant

Gaven Renfr

Emily Hardy

Rebecca Allen

Media Specialist

Sports on 03/13/2019

Print Headline: Student leaders honored

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