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Where are the keys?

As I get older, my memory just isn't the same. I'm not as sharp or as quick as I used to be. I rationalize to myself I have so much more to remember, that if I had to remember something new, something old would fade away! But simple things seem to fall through the cracks of my mind. One of my solutions is to put small items in a special place so I will definitely be able to remember. Well, you guessed it -- at times I forget where or what that special place is. So are those items really lost, or am I?

For example, when I am searching for my keys, it is because my keys are not in the right place. I put them in a different place than usual, or a wrong place. But they are not really lost. They are in the specific place I put them. I just can't remember where. One solution is called a "Tile." It is a small microchip that you attach to your key ring or whatever you do not want lost. When you can't find your keys, just open the app on your phone and track it down.

Let's apply this spiritually. We search for the Truth but not because the Truth is lost. We search for the Truth because we are lost. We try to find relief in work, computers, food, caffeine, relationships, kids, grown-up toys, alcohol, sleep, isolation, drugs, power, and control. But we are looking in the wrong places. We search because we are lost.

God designed us to seek and find Him. God isn't lost. He is in the same place all the time. You'll find Him in His Word, through prayer, and your circumstances to direct you back on track to find Him.

Where is your own search leading you? Let the Word of God overflow in your mind and spirit.

"Seek and you will find."

"I am the way, the truth and the life."


Editor's note: The Rev. Dr. Scott Stewart is the pastor of Pea Ridge United Methodist Church and Brightwater Methodist Church. The opinions expressed are those of the writer. He can be contacted at or 479-659-9519.

Religion on 06/05/2019

Print Headline: Where are the keys?

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