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50 Years Ago

Pea Ridge Graphic

Vol. 4 No. 6

Thursday, Feb. 6, 1969

Hard cold facts developing in Little Rock indicate that the time has come when Pea Ridge either must start a concentrated effort at upgrading the rating of its schools, or it must prepare for the not-too-distant day when it will have to see those schools eliminated. The Arkansas Senate Monday narrowly failed to pass a proposed Quality Education bill that would have forced Pea Ridge schools to become "A" rated in five years or to close up shop. The vote was 16 to 15. Already the State of Arkansas Department of Education has notified the superintendent of schools and the School Board here of deficiencies that exist in both the high school and the elementary grades. All signs indicate that, if not this week, then probably next, our school will find itself faced on not with just a vague deadline on bringing our school ratings up, but with a definite clear-cut date in which to meet the test.

The naming of an Industrial Development Committee for Pea Ridge has been completed and was expected to be called together for its first meeting this week according to Fred McKinney, president of the Chamber of Commerce. McKinney said that Charles Gocio, Jr. of Bentonville will serve as attorney for the committee as plans are underway to incorporate the IDC. He said the committee will have authority to do business with anyone wishing to locate a business in Pea Ridge.

40 Years Ago

Pea Ridge Graphic Scene

Vol. 14 No. 6

Wednesday, Feb. 7, 1979

With landscaping for the Pea Ridge park progressing on schedule, the Park Commission concentrated on other projects to improve the facility and called for contributions to help initiate efforts toward the construction of a pavilion. It was reported to Commission membersthat damage to summer playground equipment last year was over $400, plus one of the portable toilets had been stolen. In addition to helping decrease vandalism, the commissioners expressed the feeling that the cable type barrier would help protect their investment in the new landscaping.

The Hawks Nest, previously owned and operated by Don McAllister, has been purchased by Arley and Carmella Caldwell, who took possession Tuesday. Caldwell told the Graphic Scene that they will move into the Hawks Nest and operate it the same as it has been but will add a coffee maker. They will operate this until they've decided about re-opening Carmella's Cafe which was burned last week.

An attempt was made by the county's Justices of the Peace to take from the County Judge the right to appoint committees of the Quorum Court. The attempt failed on a vote of 7 for to 6 against. To pass, the emergency ordinance would have required 10 for votes. The proposal for the Quorum Court to take over the appointment power was in the form of an emergency ordinance presented to the QC Tuesday evening at the regular meeting by JP Sherman Kinyon, Centerton.

30 Years Ago

The TIMES of Northeast Benton County

Vol. 24 No. 6

Thursday, Feb. 9, 1989

Accreditation of a school by the North Central Accrediting Association doesn't assure that a child will learn. It does assure, however, that students find themselves in an optimum environment for learning, in the opinion of experienced and respected educators. That's the kind of environment Pea Ridge Schools superintendent Marvin Higginbottom wants for the Pea Ridge School District. The extent of change and improvement that will result in accreditation has not yet been determined. Higginbottom plans to conduct a self-study of the district next year to determine what has to be done.

The current cold spell might seem as though it's lasting forever, but it's not nearly the longest, according to weather data recorder Nona Price of Pea Ridge. Mrs. Price, who has been keeping data on weather in Pea Ridge for about five years, said that there was a cold spell here in 1968 that lasted more than a month and a half. Mrs. Price said, "It was a spell like we're having now, only we had 14 inches of snow. That year, it'd clear up a little bit and snow again." The wettest year, 68.15 inches of precipitation, was recorded by her husband in 1973.

The money's in the bank -- money for the Pea Ridge High School spring sports program, that is. Superintendent Marvin Higginbottom said last week that the Pea Ridge Booster Club gave the school a check for $3,000 last week to pay for expenses of the spring sports program. The School Board voted last summer to end baseball, track and cross-country in the Pea Ridge School District because of financial distress.

20 Years Ago

The TIMES of Northeast Benton County

Vol. 34 No. 6

Thursday, Feb. 11, 1999

The Pea Ridge sophomores could graduate in a new high school building. Bob Bailey of Bailey and Associates Architects, presented blueprints for the new high school building to the Pea Ridge School Board Monday night and was given the okay to advertise for bids on the construction. Construction could start as early as April and, given ideal conditions, be completed in 12 to 18 months.

Pea Ridge Elementary School teacher John McGee was selected to serve as the 1999-2000 chairman of the Arkansas AAU track and field program. McGee, who was selected as chairman for the fifth time, will be in charge of overseeing and directing the state's AAU program in indoor and outdoor track as well as cross-country. He will also serve this summer as a head official of the XXIII Junior Olympic Games in Cleveland, Ohio. A long-time high school and AAU track coach, McGee is also a track official for the University of Arkansas Razorbacks' home track competition. An elementary art teacher in Pea Ridge, McGee first became involved with the AAU as an athlete when the Junior Olympic program was launched in 1967 and has stayed active ever since as an athlete, coach and official.

Russell Lightner escorted this year's Pea Ridge High School Colors Queen Heather Queen. Heather, a senior, was crowned at Friday night's festivities.

10 Years Ago

The TIMES of Northeast Benton County

Vol. 44 No. 6

Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2009

Drug testing for students involved in extra-curricular activities and for those who drive vehicles is being considered by Pea Ridge School Board members. The policy, adapted from a policy in place in the Sheridan School District, would need to be amended to fit with the local policies, said Mike Van Dyke, school superintendent, who said the district has a contract with a company for drug testing which costs$200 per year and an additional $45 per test."I'd like to make it random completely," Van Dyke said Monday. Discussion revolved what age to begin testing. Larry Walker, athletic director, said all the "big schools" use drug testing. "It doesn't take but one or two times and everyone straightens up," he said. "Fear can stop it," said Rick Webb, school board member, of testing as an incentive to stop drug abuse. "Let's take a month to study it," said Van Dyke, "to be sure it doesn't come up and bite us."

Girls at Pea Ridge High School and Middle School will have one more sport from which to choose following approval Monday by Pea Ridge School Board members at their regular meeting. High School principal Rick Neal said Pea Ridge was the only school in the 4A to not have volleyball. An estimated list of costs not including the salary for a coach, is $6,080 for the high school and $3,500 for the junior high to cover uniforms, holes and sleeves for poles. The board voted unanimously to authorize Walker to begin the process to start volleyball at Pea Ridge, including scheduling a clinic this spring. They also approved creating a position for a coach and to begin receiving resumes.

The gymnasium was full. Tensions were high. The junior high boys had just won a hotly contested battle against arch rival Shiloh Christian School. At half-time, the senior high girls were only 3 points behind. As former Blackhawk players walked onto the court, basketball fans applauded the reunion of former Blackhawks from the 1934 and 1979 teams, both of which advanced to state.

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