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The scramble for seedings will go into overdrive this week with the last two games of the 4A-1 district season.

Tuesday night in girls action, Farmington was slated to invade Gentry, Prairie Grove was to visit Gravette, Shiloh was to be at Harrison and the Blackhawks were scheduled to be on the road at Harrison. Farmington, Gravette, Harrison and Pea Ridge should have all collected victories, setting up Friday's games to determine final seedings. Friday sees Harrison at Farmington and should the Goblins prevail, Pea Ridge would get the No. 1 seed.

The girls are currently tied with Farmington for the West league lead, but the Cards hold the tiebreaker should the teams remain tied after Friday. That would mean that the 'Hawks would get the No. 2 seed and play the survivor of the second round, perhaps Gravette or Gentry.

The season finale games will see Huntsville at Berryville, Gentry at Prairie Grove, Harrison at Farmington, with the Blackhawks hosting Gravette in the annual Senior Night games. Harrison seems assured of the No. 1 seed from the East, having a game lead over Berryville and even if Farmington beats them and drops them into a tie with the Bobcats, the Gobs have the tiebreaker.

Over on the boys' side, Farmington has already clinched the No. 1 seed with the 'Hawks having clinched the No. 2 seed. The 'Hawks may get Gravette in the third round before taking on either Huntsville or Harrison in the semi finals, likely Huntsville.

These week's games will set the brackets up at any rate, while the district tournament will take place in Harrison next week. All district semi-finalists will advance to the North Region Tournament which will be held way down south in Morrilton. First round winners of the region meet will advance to the state tournament way, way south in Magnolia the following week.

4A-1 District Standings

West Division Girls

1. Farmington^8-2

1. Pea Ridge^8-2

3. Gravette^5-5

4. Gentry^1-9

5. Prairie Grove^1-9

East Division Girls

1. Harrison^9-1

2. Berryville^8-2

3. Huntsville^5-5

4. Shiloh^1-9

West Division Boys

1. Farmington^9-1

2. Pea Ridge^7-3

3. Prairie Grove^3-7

4. Gravette^4-6

5. Gentry^1-9

East Division Boys

1. Huntsville^9-1

2. Harrison^8-2

3. Shiloh^4-6

4. Berryville^2-8

MaxPreps 4A Basketball polls

Feb. 1, 2019

North Region Girls

Top Eight Teams

1. Berryville^22-2

2. Farmington^18-5

3. Pea Ridge^21-4

4. Harrison^18-4

5. Clarksville^19-6

6. Morillton^17-5

7. Pottsville^13-8

8. Gravette^12-9

North Region Boys

Top Eight Boys teams

1. Pottsville^18-4

2. Harrison^17-5

3. Pea Ridge^18-6

4. Farmington^17-6

5. Dardanelle^20-4

6. Morillton^13-10

7. Huntsville^15-8

8. Ozark^13-9

MaxPreps State 4A

Overall girls poll

Feb. 1, 2019

1. Batesville^21-2

2. Berryville^22-2

3. Farmington^18-5

4. Pea Ridge^21-4

5. Harrison^18-4

6. Brookland^15-5

7. DeQueen^20-2

8. Clarksville^19-6

9. Star City^19-4

10. Morillton^17-5

11. Highland^16-9

12. Pottsville^13-8

13. Stuttgart^21-3

14. Camden^17-4

15. Warren^11-4

16. Pulaski^11-8

17. Gravette^12-9

18. Pocahontas^15-10

19. eStem^16-9

20. Bauxite^18-6

21. Nashville^12-6

22. Ozark^11-13

23. Heber Springs^11-10

24. Valley View^9-13

25. Dardanelle^9-13

26. Mena^11-9

27. Huntsville^8-15

28. Magnolia^10-8

29. Prairie Grove^6-12

30. Monticello^9-10

31. Forrest City^9-11

32. Lonoke^10-11

33. Gentry^8-13

34. McClellan^8-9

35. Dover^8-14

36. Robinson^7-11

37. Southside^4-19

38. Shiloh^6-17

39. Crossett^11-10

40. Blytheville^4-17

41. Westside^4-15

42. Mills^6-14

43. Malvern^4-16

44. Arkadelphia^4-16

45. Hope^1-12

46. Hamburg^2-20

47. Wynne^0-19

MaxPreps State 4A

Overall boys poll

Feb. 1, 2019

1. Mills^18-4

2. Westside^16-3

3. Pottsville^18-4

4. McClellan^15-6

5. Magnolia^14-4

6. eStem^20-5

7. Blytheville^14-5

8. Brookland^15-5

9. Harrison^17-5

10. Forrest City^11-9

11. Pea Ridge^18-6

12. Farmington^17-6

13. Monticello^13-6

14. Mena^17-5

15. Dardanelle^20-4

16. Southside^16-8

17. Valley View^13-8

18. Robinson^11-9

19. Morillton^13-10

20. Stuttgart^12-10

21. Huntsville^15-8

22. Lonoke^9-11

23. Pulaski^7-10

24. Camden^9-9

25. Ozark^13-9

26. Subiaco^11-11

27. Star City^11-10

28. Warren^8-9

29. Nashville^10-7

30. Bauxite^12-11

31. Arkadelphia^8-6

32. Hamburg^11-12

33. Dover^12-11

34. Crossett^6-12

35. Highland^9-17

36. Malvern^7-14

37. Clarksville^7-16

38. Prairie Grove^6-12

39. Berryville^9-15

40. Hope^7-12

41. Gravette^11-12

42. Batesville^6-16

43. Shiloh^5-18

44. Heber Springs^7-16

45. Wynne^3-17

46. Gentry^8-14

47. Pocahontas^3-16

48. DeQueen^3-18


Editor's note: John McGee, an award-winning columnist, sports writer and art teacher at Pea Ridge elementary schools, writes a regular sports column for The Times. The opinions expressed are those of the writer. He can be contacted through The Times at [email protected]

Sports on 02/06/2019

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