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We live in a great community, a place I'm proud to call home and raise my children.

Our Police Department does not define our community, nor does our school.

We define Pea Ridge. Pea Ridge is who we are together as the residents.

So far, 2019 feels like it has throat punched our community with scandal. We've read the paper, watched the news, viewed tidbits of legal documents, and countless Facebook posts/comments. We've been left to make assumptions and take sides. Our community has argued and bickered non-stop with every new revelation to the situations that have surfaced.

It hurts my heart, Pea Ridge. It hurts me to see people arguing with one another. It hurts my heart that we even have to question the character of people to whom we entrust our safety. It hurts my heart that saving face instead of admitting mistakes and growing from them isn't even a thought to those involved. It hurts that integrity would put a stop to all of this, but all parties do not possess this quality. It hurts that our administration is not assuring our community during this time. My heart hurts for the families and children these scandals directly affect. My heart hurts for the innocent parties involved.

I'm tired of seeing it. I'm tired of reading it. It has to end. It has to end for Pea Ridge citizens, our Police department, administration, and the involved parties.

Pea Ridge, we can continue to feed into this by taking sides and bickering or we can choose to be united. We can choose to unite in prayer for the city of Pea Ridge, our administration, police force and the families that are involved. We can choose to unite in holding our administration accountable that a thorough investigation is taking place and consequences for actions will be given. We can unite by demanding that Pea Ridge has the best of the best protecting and serving our community.

If we continue on this path, it will only get worse. We will only become more divided and no one will benefit.

Please direct energy and attention in the correct places and not against one another. We love Pea Ridge. Let's start acting like it.

"Jesus knew their thoughts and replied, "Any kingdom divided by civil war is doomed. A town or family splintered by feuding will fall apart." Matthew 12:25

Editorial on 02/06/2019

Print Headline: A city divided cannot stand

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