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July 2019

Contractor^Address^Fee Total^Const. Value

Lyle Siegenthaler^1330 S. Curtis Ave.^$828.00^$241,500

Clements Homes^714 MacDonald Dr.^$715.50^$196,943

Clements Homes^726 MacDonald Dr.^$800.50^$230,874

RLP Investments^1091 Harrison St.^$878.00^$261,786

RLP Investments^1080 Harrison St.^$900.50^$270,480

RLP Investments^1071 Harrison St.^$900.50^$270,480

Clements Homes^722 MacDonald Dr.^$760.50^214,090

Clements Homes^1605 Tull Dr.^$875.50^$260,096

Ross & Ashley Thompson^405 Meadows Court^$1,180.50^$382,053

^Total Permits for Type:^9

^Total Fees for Type:^$7,839.50

^Total Const. Value for Type:^$2,328,302

General News on 08/07/2019

Print Headline: Building permits

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