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The 2019 track and field season is swiftly drawing to the end of the regular season with district competition looming on the horizon.

The junior high athletes were scheduled to compete in the Gravette Lion Invitational Tuesday and are next scheduled to compete in the 4A-1 Jr District Meet on April 18 in Harrison. The Senior 'Hawks are scheduled to run Thursday night in the varsity version of the Lion Invitational. The varsity 4A-1 District meet and final qualifier for the state meet will be held April 18 on the Pea Ridge track.

All athletes who finish in the Top Three of the district meet, or who have met qualifying standards during the course of the season will advance on to the state finals. Ninth-grade athletes can be included in the field in the Senior District with coaches Heather Wade and Asa Poteete certain to be counting on help from the Junior 'Hawks as both teams seek a state championship.

The varsity athletes will take a contingent to Fayetteville Friday to improve times and qualification marks

4A Girls state rankings

​100-meter dash^State Qualifying Mark^12.75

  1. Tyla Berry, Magnolia^12.88

  2. Blakelee Winn, Pea Ridge^12.99

200-meter Dash^State Qualifying Mark^26.45

  1. Blakelee Winn, Pea Ridge^26.57

400-meter dash^State Qualifying Mark^62.42

  1. Ashley Dykes, DeQueen^

  2. Blakelee Winn, Pea Ridge^65.31

1,600-meter run^State Qualifying Mark^5:44.27

  1. Bekah Bostian, Prairie Grove^5:36.17

  2. Harmony Reynolds, Pea Ridge^5:49.71

3,200-meter run^State Qualifying Mark^12:48.64

  1. Bekah Bostian, Prairie Grove^12:17.27

  2. Harmony Reynolds, Pea Ridge^12.58.45

100-meter hurdles^State Qualifying Mark^16.45

  1. Blakelee Winn, Pea Ridge^16.30

  2. Shelby Dunlap, Pea Ridge^16.77

300-meter hurdles^State Qualifying Mark^49.22

  1. Tai'Sheka Porchia, Camden^48.00

  2. Blakelee Winn, Pea Ridge^48.24

  3. Shelby Dunlap, Pea Ridge^48.83

4x100-meter relay^State Qualifying Mark^51.69

  1. Pea Ridge High School^50.82

4x400-meter relay^State Qualifying Mark^4:21.90

  1. Pea Ridge High School^4:20.50

4x800-meter relay^State Qualifying Mark^10:49.87

  1. DeQueen High School^10:28.93

  2. Pea Ridge High School^10:48.96

Discus^State Qualifying Mark^101'7"

  1. Stajah Hayes, Magnolia^117'10"

  2. Meredith Mitchell, Pea Ridge^95'9"

High Jump^State Qualifying Mark^5'1"

  1. Jaylynn Hampton, Crossett^5'3"

  2. Kynley Burton Pea Ridge^5'1"

Long Jump^State Qualifying Mark^17'0"

  1. Shuntia Hunter, Magnolia^17'1"

  2. Blakelee Winn, Pea Ridge^16'11"

  3. Jamison Toms, Pea Ridge^15'11"

Triple Jump^State Qualifying Mark^34'5"

  1. Tai-Sheka Porchia, Camden^36'7"

  2. Shelby Dunlap, Pea Ridge^34'5"

Pole Vault^State Qualifying Mark^8'9"

  1. Cassidy Mooneyhan, Pea Ridge^12'0"

4A Boys state rankings

100-meter dash^State Qualifying Mark^11.26

  1. Muldrow Nikorean, Hope^10.86

  2. Connor Escajeda, Pea Ridge^11.20

400-meter dash^State Qualifying Mark^51.26

  1. Connor Escajeda, Pea Ridge^50.48

  2. Shaed Cates, Pea Ridge^53.00

  3. Josiah Small, Pea Ridge^53.62

  4. Cooper Elliott, Pea Ridge^54.16

800-meter run^State Qualifying Mark^2:06.93

  1. Hector Hernandez, DeQueen^1:59.85

  2. Shaed Cates, Pea Ridge^2:05.30

110-meter hurdles^State Qualifying Mark^16.02

  1. Kavion Summerville, Forrest City^14.90

  2. Justin Koon, Pea Ridge^16.11

300-meter hurdles^State Qualifying Mark^41.86

  1. Jordan White, Nashville^40.57

  2. Justin Koon, Pea Ridge^42.55

4x100-meter relay^State Qualifying Mark^44.05

  1. Hope High School^43.49

  2. Pea Ridge High School^44.75

4x400-meter relay^State Qualifying Mark^3:34.98

  1. Pea Ridge High School^3:33.69

4x800-meter relay^State Qualifying Mark^8:46.25

  1. Pea Ridge High School^8:42.18

Pole Vault^State Qualifying Mark^12'10"

  1. Kalob Carpenter, Nashville^14'6"

  2. Zach Woods, Pea Ridge^13'0"

Track teams poll well

two weeks before


Team rankings in sports like track and field are figured out by combining all the track meet results to score a fictional state result. Teams not sending in the required data may skew the tabulations. Polls like these are only a general evaluation as athletes who make late season improvements, injured athletes and disqualification at district/state meets could render the polls inaccurate.

Teams that are considered contenders for state trophies usually rank in the top four or five before the state finals. The more events that a team is ranked in, the better their chances of success. The Lady 'Hawks have 20 entries in the state rankings list with the second most being Magnolia with 14. Magnolia has the most boys listings with 16 with DeQueen and Pea Ridge each having 15.

Another factor that could impact state scoring is the addition of ninth-graders onto the high school team after the junior highs complete their season April 18. Pea Ridge has athletes who will definitely have an impact on the state scoring for Pea Ridge.

4A State team rankings

Girls Top 25

​April 8, 2019

1.^Pea Ridge^111








9.^Valley View^26


11.^Prairie Grove^24


13.^Forrest City 17

14.^Pocahontas 17

15.^Brookland 12

16.^Ozark 11

17.^Nashville 8

18.^Wynne 8

19.^Morrilton 8

20.^Hamburg 8

21.^Berryville 6

22.^Mills 5

23.^Huntsville 5

24.^Heber Springs 5

25.^Dardanelle 4

4A State team rankings

Boys Top 25

April 8, 2019

1.^DeQueen 90

2.^Magnolia 81

3.^Pea Ridge 69

4.^Forrest City 55

5.^Hope 51

6.^Crossett 48

7.^Nashville 34

8.^Huntsville 32

9.^Ozark 24

10.^Stuttgart 23

11.^Wynne 19

12.^Gentry 10

13.^Mills 9

14.^Batesville 9

15.^Mena 9

16.^Heber Springs 9

17.^Gravette 8

18.^Harrison 8

19.^Morrilton 8

20.^Farmington 6

21.^Valley View 6

22.^Arkadelphia 4

23.^Pocahontas 4

24.^Hamburg 4

25.^Dardanelle 4

Diamond 'Hawks

have busy week

The Lady Blackhawk softball team had a busy week last week, playing in five contests. The diamond girls whipped Prairie Grove 12-2 at home while crushing Huntsville 15-0 on the Ridge. The 'Hawks opened the week with a 3-2 win over district foe Harrison, but suffered 4-0 and 9-2 losses to Harrison and Van Buren in the Van Buren tournament.

The boys played three extremely tight conference games last week. After losing a 3-2 battle to Harrison, the boys came back to defeat Prairie Grove 3-2 and Huntsville 2-1.

AR Class 4A

High School

Softball Rankings

1.^Valley View (Jonesboro)^12-0




5.^Westside (Jonesboro)^11-5



8.^Pea Ridge^5-1



11.^Southside (Batesville)^4-4-1





16.^Prairie Grove^6-3





21.^Highland (Hardy)^3-7


23.^eStem(Little Rock)^2-6

24.^Heber Springs^3-11

AR Class 4A

High School

Baseball Rankings

1.^Shiloh Christian (Springdale)^12-3


3.^Valley View (Jonesboro)^16-4





8.^Pea Ridge^8-5

9.^Heber Springs^10-4



12.^Southside (Batesville)^9-8




16.^Prairie Grove^7-8




20.^Westside (Jonesboro)^4-8



23.^Highland (Hardy)^3-9


25.^eStem(Little Rock)^2-11


Editor's note: John McGee, an award-winning columnist, sports writer and art teacher at Pea Ridge elementary schools, writes a regular sports column for The Times. The opinions expressed are those of the writer. He can be contacted through The Times at

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