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Editor's note: The State of the City by Mayor Jackie Crabtree is continued from the March 27 edition of The TIMES.

Pea Ridge continues to grow, the Census Bureau has our estimated population at 5,296 as of July 2017. Our location, residential development, business environment and schools continue to be the driving force in our community's growth.

Highlights of 2018

9. Building Official / Inspections

^a. Permits issued in 2018

^^a.i. Misc. Permits

^^^a.i.1. Building permits -- 23

^^^a.i.2. Plumbing permits -- 59

^^^a.i.3. Electrical permits -- 43

^^^a.i.4. Mechanical permits -- 49

^^^a.i.5. Total misc. permits -- 174

^^a.ii. Building Permits

^^^a.ii.1. New Home building permits -- 89

^^^a.ii.2. Commercial building permits -- 3

^^^a.ii.3. New construction plumbing -- 77

^^^a.ii.4. New construction electrical -- 95

^^^a.ii.5. New construction mechanical -- 83

^^^a.ii.6. Totals new construction permits -- 347

^^a.iii. Permit / inspection totals

^^^a.iii.1. Misc. and new permits -- 521

^^^a.iii.2. Inspections performed -- 1,100

^^a.iv. Impact fees

^^^a.iv.1. Total number of impact fees collected in 2018 -- 115 for a value of $247,133.85

10. City of Pea Ridge projected growth

^a. Year 2020^population 6,106

^b. Year 2030^population 7,649

^c. Year 2040^population 9,428

11. Benton County projected growth

^a. Benton County, 2010^ population 221,339

^b. Washington County, 2010^population 203,065

^c. Current census estimates for Benton County as of 7/1/2016^245,321

^d. Year 2020^population 271,031

^e. Year 2030^population 331,370

^f. Year 2040^population 404,736

Editorial on 04/10/2019

Print Headline: State of the City

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