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Pea Ridge Police do not send emails concerning traffic violations and are warning area residents to not reply to emails threatening legal action about a traffic violation.

Public information officer Michael Lisenbee said police received information this week that "someone in Pea Ridge received an email stating that they had committed traffic violations and were being issued fines. This is NOT from the Pea Ridge Police Department and is a clear attempt to fraud someone of their money."

Lisenbee said even replying to the email could open the door for more criminal activity and said people should take a screen shot of the email and report it to police.

"There is no end to what could happen," he said. Pea Ridge Police do not issue traffic citations or fines via email. He said fines are set from the court clerk or a judge in a court of law.

"We urge the public to not pay these 'so called fines' and to contact the police department if they receive such an email."

Lisenbee said although there are legitimate uses of cameras and traffic violations, such as at toll booths, the mail, usually certified mail, notifying a violator of that would come from a legitimate government agency. He said he appreciates people wanting to do their civic duty and take care of any possible fines, but recommends they contact the government agency responsible.

"If you believe you could be fined for a traffic violation... check with the government agency by phone or in person so you don't ignore a legitimate citation," he said, again reiterating that Pea Ridge Police do not send emails about traffic citations.

"The best thing to do is contact the authorities where it supposedly occurred," he said. Pea Ridge Police can be contacted at 451-8220.

General News on 11/07/2018

Print Headline: PR Police warn of email scam

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