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Sunday, Oct. 28

1:04 a.m. Medical, Posy Mountain Road, Avoca

6:20 a.m. Medical, Posy Mountain Drive, NEBCO

Monday, Oct. 29

12:38 a.m. Medical, Lake Ridge Place, NEBCO

6:36 p.m. Medical, White Oak Drive, NEBCO

11 p.m. Medical, South View Drive, Avoca

Tuesday, Oct. 30

2:24 p.m. Medical, Cloverdale Road, Avoca

2:30 p.m. Medical, N. Airport Loop, Avoca

3:58 p.m. Medical, Main Street, Avoca

8:42 p.m. Medical, Posy Mountain Road, Avoca

Wednesday, Oct. 31

2:33 a.m. Medical, Dogwood Lane, NEBCO

4:59 a.m. Medical, Lake Ridge Place, NEBCO

9:04 a.m. Medical, S. Wimpy Jones Road, NEBCO

Thursday, Nov. 1

7:48 a.m. Medical, Gann Ridge Road, NEBCO

9:24 a.m. Medical, Avoca Hollow Drive, Avoca

3:21 p.m. Fire Alarm, Weston Street, Pea Ridge

7:07 p.m. Motor-vehicle accident, Guyll Ridge Road, Avoca

Friday, Nov. 2

10:48 a.m. Medical, N. Old Wire Road, Avoca

12:50 p.m. Medical, Woods Lodge Road, Avoca

7:33 p.m. Fire alarm, Rucker Drive, Pea Ridge

Saturday, Nov. 3

12:42 p.m. Medical, Country Club Drive, NEBCO

4:12 p.m. Medical, U.S. Hwy. 62 / Clantonville Road, NEBCO

7:07 p.m. Motor-vehicle accident, U.S. Hwy. 62, Avoca

7:19 p.m. Medical, U.S. Hwy. 62, Avoca

9:26 p.m. Medical, Old Wire Road, Avoca

General News on 11/07/2018

Print Headline: NEBCO Fire-EMS Dept.

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