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In a long-standing tradition, seniors from fall sports were recognized as they walked across the field escorted by parents, grandparents and other family members before the final home football game Friday night. Seniors and their escorts participating included:


Xavier Aguilar, escorted by Alex & Junnell Aguilar

Tyler Anderson, escorted by Jeremy & Amanda Anderson

Payton Beckmann, escorted by Mike & Stephanie Rosser and Bobby & Sammi Beckmann

Blake Bevill, escorted by Jason & Rebecca Bevill

Tristin Brewer, escorted by Chris & Casandra Brewer

Garrett Brooks, escorted by Chris & Amanda France, Shane & Wendy Brooks, Gary & Donna France

Gannon Conrad, escorted by Melissa Roughton and Robby Pickthall and Robert and Dusty Pickthall

Toby Dunning, escorted by Don & Heather Karczewski

Cooper Ferguson, escorted by Steve Jr. & Julie Ferguson

Peyton Galbraith, escorted by Michael & Heather Galbraith

Mason Harwell, escorted by Greg & Stephanie Harwell

Madison Harwell, manager, escorted by Greg & Stephanie Harwell

Justin Koon, escorted by William & Nikki Koon

Mike Mahoney, escorted by Mike & Dianna Mahoney

Trevon McDonald, escorted by Shane & Traci McDonald and Sarah Pearson and Shawn Rowe

Dalton Nesbitt, escorted by Daniel & Michelle Nesbitt

Arnoldo Rascon, escorted by Arnoldo, Esperanza and Karime Rascon

Carson Rhine, escorted by John & Katie Rhine

Macey Webb, escorted by Aaron & Shannon Webb

Nathan Wood, escorted by Robert & Jenny Wood


Gabby Adams, escorted by Mindy Adams and Ethan Adams

Garrett Brooks, escorted by Chris & Amanda France and

Cassy Porter, escorted by Rick & Michelle Porter

Maria Socha, escorted by Tim & Linda Socha

Tori Scrogham, escorted by Adam & Carrie Scrogham

Bridget Willis, escorted by Mike & Kerri Smith

Nathan Wood, escorted by Robert & Jenny Wood

Madison McGuire escorted by Kurt & Robin Otto and Mary Phillips


Hunter Bradshaw, escorted by Byron & Shelly Bradshaw

Harrison Cato, escorted by Jeff & Ann Cato

Devin Mathis, Cheerleading Mascot and Golf, escorted by Larry & Casey Mathis

Katelyn Swope, escorted by Jary & Lucy Swope


Shelby Dunlap, escorted by David & Kayla Dunlap and Chase and Colby Dunlap

Mac France, escorted by Shane & Wendy Brooks, Chris & Amanda France, Gary & Donna France

Callie Ketcher, escorted by Leon & Charlene Kelley and Daniel & Kim Ketcher

Makenzie Shirley, escorted by Tina Shirley and Bently & Lavon Fisher

Nicole Turner, escorted by Lance & Kristi Turner

Elizabeth Williams, escorted by Charlie & Celeste Vanaman and Shannon Williams


Cailey Bowie, escorted by Clay & Ginger Bowie

Brandon Bowman, escorted by Brandon & Nicole Bowman

Kaitlyn Box, escorted by Jody & Amanda Box

Parker Daniels, escorted by Heather Keeling

Catie Hambrick, escorted by Chris & Anita Hambrick

Ashley Hansen, escorted by Rick & Jessica Hansen

Hayley Hook, escorted by Jen Hook

Jose Zaragoza, escorted by Jose Sr. & Becky Zaragoza

Community on 11/07/2018

Print Headline: Blackhawk seniors recognized

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