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I'm sure you have read in previous letters all the statistics showing that Pea Ridge has the least amount of representation for its population in the entire state. I understand that some are for redistricting and some are against, but when I hear people say that it will mean more expense and more city government, I feel it should be better clarified.

The fact is that two additional aldermen, (City Councilmen), does NOT mean more government and tax expense, simply put it means:

1. More brainpower working together with more and diverse ideas;

2. More ears to hear the citizens' opinions, ideas, suggestions and complaints concerning our community; and

3. More voices to put forth the desires of the taxpaying citizens so we can be heard.

Don't you realize it all means more representation for "we the people"? Or are you content with everything remaining the way it's always been with no room for growth and improvement?

We just need to be very selective who we vote into those positions making sure it is someone who will listen to the people and has a desire to do what is in the best interest of us all.

According to the discussion at the last Council meeting, there will be a "Committee as a Whole" meeting to discuss and debate whether or not the issue of redistricting our city has any interest and should be pursued. With this would be an election or appointment of two additional council positions. This meeting will take place sometime in September and will be announced at a later date. If you care at all about our city, you will be there to voice your opinion and support whoever is representing your views.

I can tell you, the general consensus is that no one will show up at these meetings which just indicates people don't care and are content with a select few making all the decisions for you, your future, our city's future and continue accepting things the way they have always been. Some are actually counting on that attitude of complacency!

The date and time will be posted both on Facebook City page, the local newspaper, and from any council member. So nobody will have the excuse that "they didn't know."

I honestly believe that we do need additional councilmen to better represent us the taxpayers. My heartfelt prayer is that the meeting room will be filled to capacity whether or not you agree for the increase. If for no other reason than to show that contrary to some peoples' opinions, we are not as apathetic as is assumed.

What are your thoughts?

Sue Cottingham

housewife, taxpayer and voting citizen

Pea Ridge

Editorial on 08/08/2018

Print Headline: Letter to the editor

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