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"It takes a village" is a phrase we have often heard in reference to communities and families.

I took a step away from my community and village this past weekend to do some writing, meditating and mental cleansing. It's amazing what some time out on the lake will do for one's mind. So, my hubby and I did just that.

As we were enjoying the the weekend in Lost Bridge, we were amazed by the beauty of that natural resource and also the deer. On our first day, there had to have been a herd of 25 passing between us and the cabin as we walked up from the lake. Then we saw them come in smaller groups back and forth. I watched some from the cabin and as we rode our bikes around the lake and began to see a pattern. They all watch out for each other. They travel in groups and the little ones are never alone. If you see a young spotted fawn, there will be a mother nearby. This morning as I watched a momma and her twins foraging, I noticed her behavior and the fawns' behavior.

First, the momma went ahead, forging the way, never getting very far ahead and always turning to look around for dangers, and making sure she knew where her babies were. Second, the babies were always watching to see where momma was. They stayed close by and as she moved, they moved. If she ran, they ran. Mentors and parents of humans are often like that, too. We move through tall grass and underbrush, making the way safer for younger ones who follow. Hopefully, we always know where they are. Sometimes in our busy lives we get tired and forget that we must always be vigilant in keeping track of our children. In our community, we've seen some recent issues with young people not being where they should be or going places they shouldn't go and doing things they shouldn't do.

We are a community. The first tier of responsibility is the parents and depending on the age of the young person, they can and should be held responsible. What if parents are struggling to keep it together. Who then? Who in the community will help watch over them and hold them responsible for their actions?

Let's remember our value as a community: a group of individuals collectively working toward a common goal. The young people need adults who stand strong and set good examples they can follow. That's really is what Pea Ridge is: a village, a community and a great place to raise a family.


Editor's note: Mechel Wall is owner and operator of both The Cottage Flower Shop and Wallflower Farm. She can be contacted at

Editorial on 08/08/2018

Print Headline: It takes a village

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