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Thursday, Aug. 16

4 p.m.^Blackhawk golf^Big Sugar (Home)

Friday, Aug. 17

TBA^Varsity Blackhawk football^@ Siloam Springs (Benefit Game)

Monday, Aug. 20

4 p.m.^Blackhawk golf^Valley View (PG/Farm.)

Tuesday, Aug. 21

TBA^Jr. High football^Siloam Springs (Benefit Game)

TBD^Jr. Varsity football^Siloam Springs (Benefit Game)

Thursday, Aug. 23

4 p.m.^Blackhawk golf^the Highlands (Gravette)

Friday, Aug. 24

7 p.m.^Varsity Blackhawk football^@ Harrison

Monday, Aug. 27

4 p.m.^Blackhawk golf^Big Sugar (home)

6 p.m.^Jr. High football^Monett, Mo.

TBD^Jr. Varsity football^Opponent TBD

Tuesday, Aug. 28

4 p.m.^Blackhawk golf^Creeks (Shiloh)

Thursday, Aug. 30

TBD^7th grade football^Opponent TBD

Friday, Aug. 31

7 p.m.^Varsity Blackhawk football^@ Maumelle

Saturday, Sept. 1

Blackhawk cross country^Shiloh Christian

Monday, Sept. 3

7 p.m.^Jr. Varsity football^Opponent TBD

Tuesday, Sept. 4

9 a.m.^Blackhawk golf^Oakridge (Huntsville)*18 hole

Thursday, Sept. 6

4 p.m.^Blackhawk golf^Big Sugar (home)

6 p.m.^7th grade football^Harrison

7 p.m.^Jr. High football^Harrison

Saturday, Sept. 8

Blackhawk cross country^Elkins

Monday, Sept. 10

TBD^Jr. Varsity football^Opponent TBD

1 p.m.^Blackhawk golf^Creeks (Shiloh)*18 hole

Thursday, Sept. 13

1 p.m.^Blackhawk golf^Berryville*18 Hole

6 p.m.^7th grade football^@Farmington

7 p.m.^Jr. High football^@ Farmington

Friday, Oct. 12

7 p.m.^Varsity Blackhawk football^@ Prairie Grove

Friday, Sept. 14

7 p.m.^Varsity Blackhawk football^Farmington

Saturday, Sept. 15

TBD^7th grade football^Jamboree @ Lincoln

Blackhawk cross country^Siloam Springs

Monday, Sept. 17

5:30 p.m.^Jr. Varsity football^@ Farmington

TBD^Blackhawk golf^The Creeks^District

Thursday, Sept. 20

6 p.m.^7th grade football^@ Shiloh Christian

7 p.m.^Jr. High football^@ Shiloh Christian

Friday, Sept. 21

7 p.m.^Varsity Blackhawk football^@ Gentry

Monday, Sept. 24

6 p.m.^Jr. Varsity football^Gentry

Thursday, Sept. 27

6 p.m.^7th grade football^Berryville

7 p.m.^Jr. High football^Berryville

Friday, Sept. 28

7 p.m.^Varsity Blackhawk football^Lincoln (Homecoming)

Saturday, Sept. 29

Blackhawk cross country^Berryville

Monday, Oct. 1

5:30 p.m.^Jr. Varsity football^Round Robin @ Huntsville

Thursday, Oct. 4

6 p.m.^7th grade football^@ Huntsville

7 p.m.^Jr. High football^@ Huntsville

Friday, Oct. 5

7 p.m.^Varsity Blackhawk football^@ Gravette

Saturday, Oct. 6

Blackhawk cross country^Springdale

Monday, Oct. 8

5:30 p.m.^Jr. Varsity football^Gravette.

Thursday, Oct. 11

6 p.m.^7th grade football^Prairie Grove

7 p.m.^Jr. High football^Prairie Grove

Saturday, Oct. 13

Blackhawk cross country^Prairie Grove

Monday, Oct. 15

5:30 p.m.^Jr. Varsity football^Prairie Grove

Tuesday, Oct. 16

Blackhawk cross country^Huntsville

Thursday, Oct. 18

6 p.m.^7th grade football^@ Lincoln

7 p.m.^Jr. High football^@ Lincoln

Friday, Oct. 19

7 p.m.^Varsity Blackhawk football^Berryville

Monday, Oct. 22

Blackhawk cross country^District meet^Huntsville

5:30 p.m.^Jr. Varsity football^@ Shiloh Christian

Thursday, Oct. 25

6 p.m.^7th grade football^Green Forest

7 p.m.^Jr. High football^Green Forest

Friday, Oct. 26

7 p.m.^Varsity Blackhawk football^@ Green Forrest

Monday, Oct. 22

5:30 p.m.^Jr. Varsity football^@ Shiloh Christian

Thursday, Nov. 1

TBD^7th grade football^Championship Week @ B. West

TBD^Jr. High football^Championship Week @ B. West

Friday, Nov. 2

Blackhawk cross country^State Meet^Hot Springs

7 p.m.^Varsity Blackhawk football^Shiloh Christian (Sr. Night)

Sports on 08/08/2018

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