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Greetings Library family,

What is the function of a library in today's age?

Library hours

Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. until 6 p.m.

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In the past the answer would have been a place of unimaginable knowledge where someone could go for quiet solitude to read the words of the greats. So what has changed? Along with this vast amount of knowledge and history we contain and preserve, libraries have had to take necessary steps to stay relevant in a world that one recent American Idol contestant put so perfectly "is orbiting around buttons on a phone."

Now most libraries are town computer labs, free WiFi hot spots, DVD and CD rental hubs, classrooms for homeschooling groups. In an essence we ARE town community centers. As the director of this town's "community center," I would have each and every one of my patrons know the pride I take in this role. Along with the massive support from our Friends of the Library non-profit group, we have been able to provide so much more for the town and the surrounding communities just in these past few months. It is from their hard work, long hours and dedication to see us prospering that we are finally able to say that starting on May 1, the Pea Ridge Community Library will be able to show movies in our establishment!

This opportunity will be a gateway to many more activities for our youth and it is a blessing to receive this so close to the upcoming summer reading program. From all of the volunteers and library staff, thank you so much to the Friends of the Pea Ridge Community Library for believing in us and helping us be all that we can be for our town.

If you or anyone you know is interested in donating time to ensure that our town provides what the local families need in terms of a community center, please stop by the front desk for an application to the Friends organization. They are in immense need of more members and it is only through volunteering time that communities see growth and prosperity.


Editor's note: Alex Wright is the director of the Pea Ridge Community Library. She can be reached at the library at 451-8442 or by email at

Editorial on 04/11/2018

Print Headline: Library is in essence a community center

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