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In a brief City Council meeting Monday afternoon with three of the four council members present, developer Kevin Felgenhauer gained approval of the final plat for Summit Meadows Phase III.

The final plat was on the agenda for the regular City Council meeting held Tuesday, March 15, but no ordinance had been prepared.

"It was on the council agenda," Mayor Jackie Crabtree said. "An ordinance wasn't prepared at that time. That's why we're having a special meeting today."

During the regular meeting Tuesday, Felgenhauer asked who was responsible for creating the ordinance.

"Does your office usually do that?" city building official Tony Townsend asked city attorney Howard Slinkard.

"We haven't done any in a long time," Slinkard said.

Townsend said the city had not done any final plats in 10 years.

Felgenhauer asked for a special meeting and agreed to get an ordinance written. "I've got these lots sold. They're closing on Wednesday. We're into eight weeks of paper work with the city," he said.

Slinkard said that having the ordinance written is the purview of the developer.

Planning Commission chairman Zach Hoyt was in the audience at the Tuesday Council meeting and asked if the preparation of the ordinance should be on the checklist for final plats.

During the special meeting Monday, Slinkard told the council that the bond given for the sewer and streets was 50 percent and is not in conformity with code. "We intend to get that amended, but the plat can't be filed until the bond is properly posted," Slinkard said, advising the council to waive that requirement and substitute a lesser amount.

The current ordinance requires 100 percent on the bond for water and sewer, according to city building official Tony Townsend.

"That's major overkill," Ken Hayes, superintendent of the Water/Wastewater Dept., said. Hayes said other areas charge anywhere from 25 to 50 percent. He said city employees inspect and test all the lines as they're being built. "I've done the research on this and Howard (Slinkard) is working on amending the ordinance for the next council meeting. If y'all will waive ... for both Kevin and Franklin (Miller)."

Council members agreed to meet again at 2 p.m. Thursday to consider the final plat on Elkhorn Ridge subdivision which will be considered again by the Planning Commission in a special meeting Wednesday night.

General News on 03/23/2016

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