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Information is from state Health Department records. All reports are from regular food service inspections unless otherwise noted. Critical violations are defined as items relating directly to factors that lead to food-borne illness and must be corrected immediately. Noncritical violations are defined as items that relate to maintenance of food operations and cleanliness.

Feb. 26

Rainbow House Asian Bistro

143 N. Curtis Ave., Pea Ridge

Critical violations: None

Noncritical violations: Raw meat prepped in the morning is thawing in ambient air. Food must be thawed under running water, in the refrigerator, microwave or cooked for immediate service. Crispy noodles are stored in open cardboard containers and office containers; container storing food must be food grade.

Feb. 29

Walmart Market Deli/Bakery

240 Slack St., Pea Ridge

No violations.

Walmart Market

240 Slack St., Pea Ridge

Critical violations: Food must be stored in compliance with established regulations; refrigerant and cleaner stored on top of canned goods in the back of the store.

Noncritical violations: No towels at hand wash sink in produce area. Food permit is not posted.

Pea Ridge Primary School

1411 Weston St., Pea Ridge

No violations.

Pea Ridge Junior High School

1391 Weston St., Pea Ridge

No violations.

Pea Ridge High School

781 W. Pickens Road, Pea Ridge

Critical violations: Ice build-up on opened container of tots and boxes of food in walk-in freezer.

Noncritical violations: Ice build-up on walk-in freezer ceiling and underneath fans.

Business on 03/16/2016

Print Headline: Restaurant Inspections

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