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I have a little dog named Jacks who is a black puppy. He likes to play outside because he loves playing with kids and running through the sprinklers. He also likes to eat dog food, drink water, and eat bacon dog treats. He has a sister who he likes to sleep next to because she is so cuddly. Sometimes, he will sit in front of the TV and watch Spongebob Squarepants.

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My name is Haven Girty. I’m in the sixth grade. My favorite animal is a dog. My favorite thing to do is play outside because it is fun. I also like swimming because it is fun when it’s hot to jump in the water. Being an author in this anthology makes me happy.

One day, Jacks was playing outside with me when he got really hot. Normally, he would just run through the sprinklers to cool off, but they were not on today. So he ran over to the water hose, but there was no water coming out.

Just then, he heard some kids laughing next door and a big splash. He ran toward the sounds and saw a big, round swimming pool. The kids were jumping into it. He barked at them and ran toward the pool. He climbed on top of the ladder and jumped in.

He happily swam around the pool and felt better. So he tried to get out of the pool, but he was too small to reach the side. He whimpered, and the kids helped get out.

He ran home with his tail wagging. I took him in the house and gave him a warm bath and his favorite treats.

Community on 03/16/2016

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