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Donald Trump does it again. Whether you voted for him or for someone else, our president does keep the press busy with his administration's workings. He must have been a student of Will Rogers. Will Rogers was reported to devote a lot of his humor poking fun at "the weak habit of substituting talk for action."

No one can complain that Donald Trump is all talk. The Donald might use Twitter a lot but he does keep Washington guessing about his next decision. The decision to declassify a House of Representatives memo had every news program plus all newspapers trying to predict the horrible consequences that would befall our nation because we might learn the truth about the Washington swamp.

It frightens me to think about all the attempts to discredit our president apparently because he is not a part of the establishment and therefore can't be trusted to "bury" certain facts the way Washington might like. Is there anyone reading this who would expect any of the other potential presidential candidates to have declassified the memo published by the House concerning the investigation of Russian participation in the presidential campaign? Which candidate Republican or Democrat would go so far as to allow you and me to see and hear the details of that memo? To me, the information has a lot less to do with Trump's campaign getting support from the Russians than it does with how our major security organizations work with the powerful people in our nation's capital. Would any of the other Republican presidential candidates or Hillary Clinton be so bold as to question the FBI ?

This issue of a special counsel to investigate a supposed connection between Trump's campaign and Russia smacks of a well-used "kettle calling a campfire pot black" phrase. Our nation's history reveals that without the French connection, our Revolution would have failed. How is that for another nation intervening in the outcome of a campaign? Or, who questions why we are so active with our efforts in so many countries -- Cuba, Syria and a host of other nations -- all in the name of security. How many counties do we send money to (financial aid) and intellectual support (intelligence) when they are having an election or revolution?

Our nation is so busy promoting our wealthy and active life style with activities that keep us too busy to question what really goes on in Washington. How can you be concerned with wire taps in Washington when you are on a cruise in the Caribbean? Where do you find politics on a roller coaster ride in Disney World? The Super Bowl LII between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles will command the attention of even the political world for a weekend.

The complaint about the release of "the memo" seems to be the threat of you and me learning that sometimes certain details are not shared with all concerned when requests are made for "approval of something." The devil is frequently hidden in the details of what is not revealed. That is not a crime -- although it probably should be. It might be a slight omission of all the details, but most of all it is a desire to obtain something at "all costs." Even at the cost of one's integrity if need be. But haven't we heard politicians promise all kinds of good things during their campaigns but forget the promises, or find all kinds of excuses, after they get elected?

There are still many things about Donald Trump that don't impress me as "presidential'."The truth, however, is I don't have to visit his very expensive and ultra-private golf clubs and he can have all of New York and the White House. I like northwest Arkansas and was very fortunate to see the life-style the Washington inhabitants must endure and they are welcome to my share of it. I'm sure they don't want cow manure on their shoes and that's fine. I don't want an invitation to a black-tie affair and I certainly don't like having to wear a tuxedo to attend an event. I am happy to let Donald Trump represent me when the truth is being sought. And, I don't care if he builds a hotel in Russia. But I do hope he continues to stress change in the nation's capital.


Editor's note: Leo Lynch, an award-winning columnist, is a native of Benton County and has deep roots in northwest Arkansas. The opinions expressed are those of the author. He is a retired industrial engineer and former Justice of the Peace.

Editorial on 02/07/2018

Print Headline: Taking action, president releases memo

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