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Beekeeper Kelly Edwards knows from first-hand experience how healing honey can be.

Edwards almost died following a very unsuccessful surgery in 2010, in which her stomach, part of her liver and a large section of her intestines disintegrated.

As she recovered over the next year and tried to find answers, Edwards spent time at the Mayo Clinic, had her stomach rebuilt three times and tried to make different feeding tubes work.

Home health nurses provided care. She had a PICC line, then went to a nasal feeding tube, then had one sewn directly into her stomach.

The Mayo Clinic doctors told Edwards to eat raw honey daily for her stomach.

The honey helped heal her ulcers and she's been free of a feeding tube now for five years.

"I still cannot eat like a normal person but I would hate to think what it would be like without the honey," Kelly said.

God, bees and the Mayo Clinic helped her survive, she said.

"But it is all because of God."

Business on 02/15/2017

Print Headline: Edwards credits honey with healing

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