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Alarm went off at 6:30. Watched the weather and drank coffee. At 7, went to the porch swing to watch the school bus come and go. back to recliner for rest of news and crossword. At 9, opened a book and these words jumped out at me. Seize the day! You were given this day, make the most of it! It must have been just the right day for that advice because everything I undertook that day was based on that slogan. Once, during the day, I thought "Boy, I hope I don't see that again tomorrow. I don't know if I can keep this pace."

It's Homecoming weekend. The stands will be crowded. I'll need to go early for a seat. At the Lincoln game, I walked through and never saw an opening big enough or me, so had to truck over to the opponent's side for a seat. There was about 20 of us over there and we all knew to be non-committal about any play, although a couple of young girls forgot when our team did a touchdown. The crowd was very well behaved and mannerly. I especially enjoyed their cheerleaders and I always enjoy ours.

I've seen the time when it was a "do or die" game between rival schools that it wouldn't have been a good idea to sit over there.

I witnessed a bit of kindness during motorcycle weekend. I was sitting outside at Susie Q waiting for my order when I realized that three cars had waited quite a spell to back out. I saw a man step and wave them into his lane. They all lifted a hand in thanks to him. It was "make a difference, move."

Veterans Day coming and our school age ones wild lie for their dads to uniform up. Two Marine corp dress uniforms hanging in the closet, wrapped in dry cleaning bags. Neither boy is fat, they just filled out after the teen-age years and service times.

I'm guilty of tearing out articles from papers and magazines and sticking them in whatever bock I'm reading. Here is one I found that still gives me a chuckle and I hope for you. I don't have any way of knowing who the author is. I wish I had written but didn't.

"If you delay your Christmas shopping until Dec. 23, you won't forget where you put the gifts, or that you bought them.

If you wait to buy your Halloween candy until the afternoon of Oct. 31, you won't have to replace all that you ate.

If you delay grocery shopping, you'll get to eat out more.

If you wait long enough, your family will eventually take all the clean laundry out of the basket making it unnecessary to fold and put away.

If you wait long enough to shovel snow, it will eventually melt. It always does."

Connor and I are finally getting all our walnuts hauled off. My, the trees really out did themselves this year. We don't try to save them to sell because they get so messy, but I will say, I picked some up twice after they'd taken a wild ride in the red wagon behind the lawn mower at wide open speed and walnuts bouncing out three feet high. Wide open speed is not my speed! But it suits Connor.

It was good to see Betty Weston back in church Sunday. She's recovering from a heart attack.

From cool mornings I can see the trees on the far bluff change from day to day.


Editors note: Edith Lammey has been a resident of the area for nearly 40 years. She can be contacted through The Times at 451-1196 or

Editorial on 10/29/2014

Print Headline: All in a day's work

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