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— Without dissent, Pea Ridge City Council and Planning Commission members agreed North Davis Street is the street with the greatest needs for improvement.

Meeting as a committee of the whole last week, city officials reevaluated the street overlay schedule and impact fee expenditures for street work.

Mayor Jackie Crabtree said impact fees are only designed to fund 40 percent of the projects. He said there is $856,724 in impact fees for streets. Council member Nadine Telgemeier said she wanted to see sidewalks along McCulloch Street because of children walking to school.

"I think it should be widened and have sidewalks, myself," Telgemeier said of McCulloch.

Jerry Burton agreed that Mc-Culloch should receive attention because it is a primary route to the schools.

Planner and engineer M.J.

Hensley said the surface of Mc-Culloch is viable but that sidewalks could be built without resurfacing the street.

"The soil here is good about infiltration," Hensley said, adding that if streets are structurally sound, they should be overlayed providing 20 to 25 years of use.

Other priorities in order determined were Patton east and the east end of Hazelton from Weston Street. Explaining that cuts in the pavement allow water to seep through seams and that "water is the worst enemy" of pavement, Street superintendent Larry Majors said the east portion of Patton was in dire need of resurfacing.

The mayor told planners and council members that the Street Department was already preparing to work on Greer Street.

News, Pages 1 on 09/30/2009

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