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Mon., Nov. 9 - Sloppy Joe, baked chips, broccoli with ranch, pineapple pleasure.Breakfast - Pizza.

Tues., Nov. 10 - Frito pie, garden salad, cinnamon puff.

Breakfast - English muffin with egg and cheese.

Wed., Nov. 11 - Turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, dressing, green beans, roll.Breakfast - Burrito.

Thurs., Nov. 12 - Chicken spaghetti, broccoli salad, orange slice, garlic toast.Breakfast - Pancake on a stick.

Fri., Nov. 13 - Pizza or hamburger line, French fries, pickle, cutie pie.Breakfast - Biscuit with gravy.

Salad bar and ala carte offered in junior high and high school. Milk served with all meals. All breakfasts are $1. Elementary and upper elementary lunches are $1.50; junior high and senior high lunches are $1.75.


Mon., Nov. 9 - Cereal, mini pancakes, apple delight, apple juice, milk.

Tues., Nov. 10 - Cereal, pizza, toaster pastries, juice, milk.

Wed., Nov. 11 - Cereal, scrambled eggs, sausage links, toast with jelly, juice, milk.

Thurs., Nov. 12 - Cereal, biscuit with gravy, super donut, grape juice, milk.

Fri., Nov. 13 - Cereal, cinnamon toast, egg and cheese biscuit, juice, milk.

Kindergarten Lunch

Mon., Nov. 9 - Chicken nuggets, French fries, fruit cup, milk. Snack: Carrot and celery sticks with ranch.

Tues., Nov. 10 - Mini sub sandwich, pineapple chunks, milk. Snack: Chips.

Wed., Nov. 11 - Max snax, cheesy con queso, corn, side salad, fruit cup, milk. Snack: Cinnamon sugar cookie.

Thurs., Nov. 12 - Pork fritter, mashed potatoes with gravy, breaded okra, roll, milk. Snack: Fruit cup.

Fri., Nov. 13 - Pizza, peas and carrots, orange wedges, chocolate milk. Snack: Animal crackers.

Lunch Grades 1-5 (grades 4 and 5 get second option)

Mon., Nov. 9 - Chicken nuggets, French fries, baked beans, carrot and celery sticks, ranch, fruit cup, milk. Choice No. 2: Smokehouse BBQ on a bun.

Tues., Nov. 10 - Chicken stir fry, rice, fortune cookie, pineapple chunks, chocolate pudding, milk. Choice No. 2: Mini sub sandwich.

Wed., Nov. 11 - Beef burrito, salsa, Spanish rice, corn, cinnamon sugar cookie, milk. Choice No. 2: Max snax, cheesy con queso.

Thurs., Nov. 12 - Pork fritter, mashed potatoes with gravy, breaded okra, roll, fruit, milk. Choice No. 2: Charburger.

Fri., Nov. 13 - Pizza stix, dipping sauce, peas and carrots, orange wedges, animal crackers, milk. Choice No. 2: Chicken sandwich.


School dedicated

The dedication of the Pea Ridge Primary School and a Veterans of Foreign Wars flag ceremony will be held at 1 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 11, on the Primary School campus.

Blood drive

The annual Community Blood Center of the Ozarks blood drive will be hosted by the National Honor Society from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday, Nov. 16, at Pea Ridge High School in the gym lobby. Students 17 and over may donate blood without parental permission. Students 16 years of age must have a parent’s signature on a form which is available from the school. Blood donors must be in good health and weigh at least 110 pounds.

PTO for high school

Pea Ridge High School would like to facilitate a Parent-Teacher Organization group. If you are interested in helping to organize a PTO for PRHS, contact RhondaDaniels at rdaniels@prs.k12.

The Parent Involvement Committee of Pea Ridge High School is asking you to take a very short, online survey to help us better serve the parents of our students.

Go to the Pea Ridge Schools website,, and click on the High School page. The link to the survey is on the bottom of the page.

Or go to HS/prhs.htm and click on the line under “Parent Survey.” Hall receives White Oak Station scholarship

Jessica L. Hall, of Pea Ridge, was awarded the White Oak Station Scholarship to attend North Arkansas College this fall. A graduate of Pea Ridge High School, she is the daughter of Kevin and Ronda Hall. Jessica is a member of theNorthark Lady Pioneer basketball team.

She is currently pursuing her general education requirements. After attending Northark, she plans to transfer to a university to complete her education in physical education or health and wellness. She is considering a career as either a coach or an athletic trainer.

“I am so excited to receive this scholarship. It will help me tremendously with my expenses for college,” Jessica said.

In order to qualify for a Presidential Scholarship at North Arkansas College, a student must score 22 or higher on the ACT examination.

The White Oak Station Scholarships were created by a gift to the North Arkansas College Foundation and is designated for Arkansas students from Baxter, Benton, Boone, Fulton, Marion or Washington counties or a Missouri resident from Taney County.

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