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— A bid accepted for city fleet and property insurance last month was not satisfactory and the city will advertise again for insurance coverage.

Saying there were "discrepancies" in the bid approved, Mayor Jackie Crabtree asked the council to authorize the city recorder and him to open bids before bringing them to council so they can "compare apples to apples."

At the July 21 meeting, Crabtree said of the bid approved at the June meeting: "We couldn't get it worked out to our satisfaction."

In other business, viewing it as better than nothing, Pea Ridge councilmen accepted a settlement of 63 cents on the dollar for a debt owed the city for property cleanup.

Councilmen were presented a request to accept payment of $525 instead of the original request of $825 for the city cleaning property at 590 Ray Street.

"The city had to clean up some lots," Howard Slinkard, city attorney, told council members. "In the process, Mr. (Mike) Botson filed bankruptcy."

Botson was the owner/developer of the property in question.

Slinkard explained that the properties were sold to an investment group who had, in turn, sold this piece of property and the representatives of the group were eager to settle so the property could be closed.

"They're in a rush to make a deal with the city," Slinkard said.

In other business, the council:

◊Approved expenditures for the city parks of $8,435.88 for playground equipment, including handicap-accessible equipment;

◊Authorized Ken Hayes, water and wastewater superintendent, to seek bids and qualifications from engineers to solve problems of too much ammonia in the wastewater treatment plant.

Hayes said the 30-year-old plant isn't satisfactorily removing the ammonia at least eight months of the year. He said there are several solutions, one of which is to convert one of the lagoons to an aeration pond.

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