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— Not all fireworks are created by gunpowder.

Avoiding fireworks at the July City Council meeting, councilman John Cody offered an apology saying he "overstepped his bounds," although he did not say in reference to what.

The statements were in reference to Cody's statements immediately prior to July 4 that he was challenging the city's fireworks ordinance and would pay the fines for any citizen cited for violation of the ordinance.

At the end of the regular council meeting, Mayor Jackie Crabtree introduced the fire works topic by saying it would be discussed in a "calm, cool and collected manner."

Crabtree said he had received letters and comments from citizens regarding Cody's comments.

"I've heard from people who really didn't like the way you handled it," Crabtree told Cody.

Cody had said the week before the council meeting that he had attempted to get on the City Council agenda and been denied. He said he called both the Ethics Commission and the Municipal League before calling City Hall again to get on the agenda.

"I'm gonna have my own lawyers with me," Cody said Friday, July 17.

There were no attorneys with Cody at the Tuesday meeting.

Councilmen discussed various options for the city's ordinance governing detonation of fireworks, questioned the mayor, police chief and fire chief and agreed to investigate the issue further.

"I think I could change the Constitution faster," Cody said, of amending a city ordinance.

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