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— Well here I go again, that’s right, it is the that time of year where I determine that it is time to shape up, get back to eating right and working out.

I remember when I was a younger man and much more vain, working out had more to do with smaller jean sizes and a more youthful appearance. Now that I am in my mid-40s, it has much more to do with ensuring with all that I can do that I see my grandchildren graduate and my children grow old. Also, heart attacks and strokes are way below average, I am just sayin’!

Why is it that January is the time we think on these things and other worthy goals such as quitting smoking, saving money, learning to play an instrument or whatever it is we set our mind to?

Of course, these are referred to as New Year’s resolutions. It is the time of new beginnings as the calendar changes that we begin to set our goals on some new things in our own lives or to correct bad habits which have taken hold of us. There is certainly not a thing in the world wrong with this, in fact it is always a good thing to take stock of our lives and make some necessary change and adjustment. However, most of us, myself included, will never really accomplish these goals because we are creatures of old habits that never seem to die. It seems to me what we need in our lives is not so much a resolution for change, but a revolution which produces change.

The difference is one mighty upheaval which will effect that which it seeks to overthrow, while the other is just wishful thinking based upon feelings and circumstances. As a Christian, I need to see some revolution in my own life. I need a revolution of love, for those who have embraced Christ as their Lord and even for those who have not. I need a revolution of prayer which is predicated upon the truth that God really does hear me and really will answer according to His will for my life. I need a revolution of faith, which causes me to see my life not through the lenses of circumstance but through the periscope of faith which brings the answer that much closer.

There are so many areas in which I need God to just cause an upheaval so that real change can take place.

How about you? Are there some areas where you need drastic change?

I would challenge you to seek out those areas in which God can really make a difference. For the believer in Jesus Christ these things need to be something that we sense and know God is leading us to change. Maybe our church attendance? Maybe our giving? Maybe we just need to make an effort to get to know that neighbor whom Jesus taught we were to love in the same way we love ourselves. Do we even know their names?

For the non-believer, the person who has not accepted Christ, maybe the revolution needs to be an insurgency of faith and belief. Maybe you need to let 2010 be the year you settle the issue of your eternity and come face-to-face with the reality of who God is and what He desires for your life.

When Jesus came to Earth 2,000 years ago, He started a revolution which is continuing today. Maybe you need to join the resistance. There are Bible-believing churches all around you that would love to assist you in your New Year’s revolution. Come join the ranks of those who are change agents - there is room for one more revolutionary!

Church, Pages 2 on 12/30/2009

Print Headline: A New Year’s Revolution

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