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— What does Christmas mean?

What does Christmas mean to you? Have you thought about it?

As a child, perhaps Christmas is presents under the tree.

As a parent, perhaps Christmas is purchasing something special for your child.

As one who is parentless, perhaps Christmas is remembering a past Christmas.

I pose the question again. What does Christmas mean to you? Is Christmas about the Child in the manger? Is Christmas about the gracious Father who sent His Son to save us? I suppose Christmas is all these and more. This Christmas season, take time to reflect on what Christmas means to you. Write down your thoughts and share them or keep them to yourself. Whatever you do with this prose will make a difference in your life, and the lives of those you love. Merry Christmas,


Pea Ridge, Ark.

Free speech guaranteed

I don’t understand all the furor over the winter solstice display on the Capitol grounds. After all, our Constitution does allow for free speech. While I’m not a member of the ACLU, an atheist, agnostic or member of any organized religion, I do believe in the right of our citizens to express themselves. Limiting a display to just one group, in this case before the judge’s ruling, the nativity scene which represents only the views of Christians, is not in line with the notion of free speech. On the other hand, I can understand Charlie Daniels’ point of view in wanting to limit the number of displays on the Capitol grounds. I guess my question to him would be how many other groups have asked to put up a display? If none, then his point is a moot one. If many, then he has a point. In any event, the issue seems to have been resolved and if I happen to be in Little Rock, I will look forward to visiting both displays.


Garfield, Ark.

Opinion, Pages 4 on 12/23/2009


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Dear Editor:

Maybe you can get everything you want at Alice’s Restaurant. But we can’t go on getting everything we want in the good ole USA. It’s going to destroy us if we don’t get a grip and start controlling spending, just as it has destroyed other countries in the past. Obviously we need leadership from the executive and the legislative that are truly idealistic and interested in what is good for country in the long run and not the masses in the short run and the usual playing with welfare of country based on political expediency. One of the most blatant examples recently of political expediency is the deal made to the Senator Mary Landrieu in the health care debacle. Wheeling and dealing, no matter the party, of course is not new, but it is getting so out of hand and costly

It is going to take people with big brass ones to steer this country in the right direction.

I think I represent a large segment of the American public, when I state I have got good health insurance. I don’t want it changed. I don’t want my premiums and my taxes raised. At 66, I don’t want a clerk in the bowels of the government buearcacy deciding what is best for me.


Bill Cash

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Perhaps it is time to update this section!

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