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— Did you grow up in Pea Ridge? Yes, except I lived in Tontitown until I was four.

How many years have you played football in Pea Ridge? I've played since sixth grade, that's pee wee. My first team was the Gamecocks, we didn't win one game! We scored one touchdown, that's all.

Do you have plans after high school? I have plans to go to college, I want to go to C of O (College of the Ozarks) and study to become an art teacher, and maybe a football coach. I'm taking AP ceramics now, it's hard.

Your first game is next week at Elkins. Do you want to make a prediction about that game?

Well - we're gonna win.

I don't know the exact number but I want it to be some outrageous number like 48-2.

What do you do when you aren't playing football? When I'm not playing, you'll probably find me working with my dad. We work on my truck a lot.

What's playing on your iPod right now? I think Soul Survivor by Akon. Either that or something I can't say because it's inappropriate...

Do you like college or professional football better? I like college - Texas Tech. Red Raiders! This jersey is actually kind of a replica of theirs.

If you guessed what Pea Ridge's '09 record is going to be, what would you say? (laughs) Well, I know it's gonna be better than last year's.

Sports, Pages 8 on 08/26/2009

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